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The month begins with a spectacular, exact conjunction of Mars energising your ruler Uranus on the Destiny Point. And it’s happening in your 4th house of home & family:

So Uranus half way through several years in your 4th house, is a process of re-imagining & being inspired by what a fulfilling personal life feels like. Maybe liberating yourself from any tricky family issues or expectations -the better to create a family dynamic & domestic relationships that allow you to be your true self? Or no matter how secure or not your current home base is; you can’t help but feel kind of restless, and aware a new domestic scenario/relocation could be calling your name at some point…

So Uranus on the Destiny Point this year brings a spooky clarity to this. Maybe bang on instincts about creating the home for your heart, where you can best continue to evolve, make your dreams come true & bond with your tribe; and the confidence to make the right, intentional choices about where you want to live & with whom? Or Destiny nudges you in the right direction with sudden, unexpected changes/opportunities to radically, positively alter the home situation?

And no matter how discombobulating, this new perspective weirdly feels so right!

So Mars turning up, energising this conjunction early August brings a thrilling immediacy to all this:

I mean any interpersonal conflicts that have been lurking in the background could be super volatile, but all the better to clear the air & move forward with fresh honesty, one way or the other.

And with sexy Mars, could be hot chemistry suddenly flaring up with your shacked up partner, to seduce one another anew & excited about the loving home you share. Or hot seduction moments with your lover/some new attraction on home turf, that could be quite promising actually… And if you are looking at moving/real estate decisions, the time to act could suddenly present itself-stay sharp, with clear intentions you could be manifesting your ideal home base real soon!

Especially the Aquarius Full Moon of Aug 12th, on Saturn square all this Mars action in your 4th house. Full Moons in your sign can be moody, emotional overwhelm vibe to act out whatever feelings are being triggered. But this one, on disciplined Saturn is a lesson in self control:

Ideally you are comfortable in your skin, and self-aware enough to stay cool no matter what’s going on around you. You acknowledge your feelings & let yourself feel them; with the emotional intelligence to manage how you deal with it, with healthy self-acceptance & healthy boundaries with others. Because you want to watch the other extreme with control freak Saturn-repressing & over-analysing your feelings to the point of denial, then they leak out in unconscious reactions to the slightest, inane provocation-know what I mean?

Then oh my goodness, what a relief when Mars hits your 5th house of fun/playful creative expression from Aug 21st , for a rare, extended stay until March next year. Permission to spend the next 6 months doing stuff you enjoy just because it feels good. This is great to come to terms with your innate talent, and shameless self promotion to shine your genius in the world. But even more, quality time with loved ones & taking time to smell the roses is lovely, to embrace each moment with life-affirming joy. Good times are coming!

Meanwhile the New Moon of Aug 27th is in your sex/intimacy sector, with a beautiful Venus/caring Ceres conjunction in your love sector; for sweet romance to blossom.

Image: Helmut Newton


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