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The New Moon of the 1st kind of sets the tone for Aqua mating season, what with it being in your love/partnership sector on top of Venus & Mars doing their romantic attraction thing. You’ve got so much more chance of someone special loving you up beautifully, or if single working some particularly persuasive seductive wiles in the world to drum up some action.. Hmm who said Aquarius can be romantically detached, you’re one passionate, ardent lover this month & hot stuff to be involved with-who wouldn’t be into you right now?

Especially by the Full Moon of the 15th smack bang on Venus in your love sector, and Mercury stimulating some lovely, emotionally intelligent dialogues & flirty repartee to stimulate any attractions/a deeper mutual understanding & love buzz with your partner to renew your bond. It’s all about the importance you place on being able to be your true, authentic self in relationship sans game playing; and when you have someone who gets this (as is more likely this month) it’s such a turn on and Bam it’s Game On!!

Extra especially by the time Venus/Mars meet in your sex/intimacy sector by the 24th; omg wild chemistry & passionate intensity are through the roof for next level connection –and yes it could be the real deal.

And bearing in mind that Uranus in your domestic sector & Jupiter direct in your community sector are meanwhile stimulating all the relationships in your life; so romance or not the same positive relating skills apply to family, friends, the social scene, your wider tribe etc. Yes your naturally gorgeous, extroverted, sparkly people skills are going to foster a healthy sense of connection in the world one way or the other-you love this, it’s your thing!

Meanwhile, Mercury direct from the 1st after tussling with the Destiny Point in your work sector is fab clarification about your purpose in the world. You’re finessing your most viable schemes & dreams and, for optimum success potential you’ve got the right health, wealth & lifestyle choices to back yourself up on this -most excellent you little success machine you.

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