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April is upon us and the scopes are up. It's a swift, moving right along energy to propel us forward this month...

Whatever we have been focused upon recently is either happening or it's not -and we adapt with alacrity or keep on trucking with the prevailing strategy accordingly, huh?

We have Uranus in Taurus to fully embrace whatever is shaking up our fundamental security issues/life plans and recognise that perhaps a whole new & improved version of our future is ready to present itself instead . Yes, and luckily we have Gemini Mars for the nifty, light on our feet adaptability to do just that.

And we have a spooky Venus/Neptune thing mid month, to tune into all this flux and magically manifest whatever we need right now to help us thrive -no matter what, in this new chapter of our lives.

Happy April, lets keep our intentions crystal clear; the better to roll with the changes going on around us on our own, beautifully confident terms x

And you can read more detail for your sign here.

Image; the wonderful Alexandra Valenti

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