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It’s all about just how fabulous it is to have Mars firing up your sign for months on end this year! Your sheer lust for life is so damn energising, you can’t help but feel that determination to thrive and spunky confidence to drive you forward right now

Especially with Mars hooking into the New Moon of the 9thin your adventure sector. You are so tuned into the big-picture, visionary schemes in your life, and soready to step out of your comfort zone, if that’s what it takes to make it all happen. Maybe you are looking at some cool educational/entrepreneurial opportunity, to open your professional horizons long term? Maybe you are feeling the call of distant shores; with a keen eye to travel adventures for the sheer thrill of it ormaybe even some kind of relocation/OS work scenario?

And I tell you what, with Mars activating the massive Venus action in your biz sector, you couldn’t be more supremely self-assured about your career fabulosity right now. You are clearer than ever about where your talent lies; and the more you understand what you’re really, truly good at the more you are (1) prepared to do the work, to finesse the creative process and get even better at it and (2) rock the shameless self promotion to make sure everyone else knows about it too. You are sharp, dressed for success, schmoozing everyone in sight with your best charm and following through with such brilliant work -omg your professional instincts are on fire!

And let’s not forget the simmering romantic potential of Mars syncing with Venus this month. It’s a square aspect; so more about revealing any romantic tensions going on than just cruising along in emotional autopilot, know what I mean? With the Destiny Point bang on your relationship sector, it’s time to explore next-level connection with someone special with a bit of scary authenticity -and because Mars is in your sign it may be you who initiates this?

Maybe you reach out to your current partner with an eye to re-jigging the passion and authentic intimacy -which is a hell of a lot more productive than the kind of narky fights you could be picking with them if you react unconsciously next time they annoy you, lol. Or maybe you’re single and about to meet someone gorgeously alluring in the world-and you seize the moment to come-on/flirt your head off to up the attraction ante? I mean why the hell not go for it, huh, if it feels so right?

Image: Melvin Sokolsky

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