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AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING Yours is a sign renowned for a genius, free -thinking, libertarian view of the world, and the ability to think outside the square and come up with innovative solutions to pretty much anything, when required. And that’s what this month is about for you. The New Moon of of the 11th is a new perspective on your social scene; you are attracted to peeps who get your unique, visionary take on things and operate on the same cool-cat frequency as yourself. So your tribe is about to get more interesting, and you with a better, clearer sense of your place in it. Hint; you are the agitator, innovator, inspiration for new and improved life-paradigms amongst your friends –and they love you for it! And then there’s money. The Saturn/Neptune square is dissolving any limiting old beliefs you may have been carrying around about what you’re worth. There might even be some tricky wound going on, to do with doubting your own value and capacity to build a sparkly, financially promising future for yourself, on your own steam. Can’t you see that everyone else recognises, and is is blown away by your unique talent, and it’s time for you to do the same?? Good, go forth and prosper already, huh? Meanwhile, Love is a tantalising prospect. Lucky Jupiter in your intimacy sector is daring you to reach out for a bigger, more truly meaningful connection than usual. Yes, it’s brewing for sure. By mid Jan you score a destinal meeting/big clue about the next big romantic prospect, you can feel it coming… Or if partnered, you soon enjoy one of those exquisite breakthroughs, gazing into one another’s eyes in some vulnerable moment or whatever; where you suddenly realize the depth of your love and ready to embrace the next stage of your journey together. Nice.

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