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AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING October 9th could be the beginning of something beautiful, where Venus enters your intimacy sector and your thoughts immediately turn to love/lust/passion/anything in between. Could it be the love of your life turning up, making nice with your partner after some kind of naff, skanky dispute, successfully resolving a crucial financial entanglement, playing some convoluted, psycho-sexual flirtation with someone intriguing, or (just) a mind-blowing fuq? What you want is to be feeling something deeper, more authentic and emotionally meaningful than usual in your personal connections. So when it comes to romance, this means courageous, hot-blooded, vulnerable intimacy. And when it comes to interdependent finances you want to thrash out some kind of win-win, mutually beneficial arrangement. Same goes for any family, or platonic dramas – you want to overcome the illusion of separation and get your connections right. And all of this is preparation for peak Aquarius mating season in early November, where whatever is brewing right now reveals it’s full potential. I would say sit back, watch & wait patiently, but then again developing personal relationships is a participation activity, yes? Engage as fully as possible with whatever action is soon coming at you, with an eye to a clearer sense of outcomes by November – it could be tres promising! And then there’s the brilliant New Moon in your adventure sector on the 13th, activating Uranus, your genius, free thinking ruling planet in your ideas sector. Mid month is when you really connect with a fresh, liberating new narrative about where you want your life to be going; and get ready to act accordingly! You want to live a life of fearless personal truth? Absolutely, but you’ve got to walk your talk –Lilith on board says the price of freedom is constant, gutsy personal integrity, and you, one of the most genius, libertine, original thinkers of all, get this, yes? So don’t be scared to challenge the dominant paradigm (even if it’s just your own) and liberate thyself from limited thinking this month. The better to fly free to whatever destination (literal or otherwise) is calling your name.

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