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So Mars now officially retrograde, till January is kind of slowing us all down, to figure out what we’re on about before charging forward.

And for you it’s happening in your biz/career sector-drat, just when you are most determined to charge ahead & succeed in the world!

I mean with Mars spending a rare, extended visit in your biz sector, from August this year till next March; you are so on fire with brilliant professional plans & the momentum to make them happen. So is it a bitch that Mars retro cramps your style for the next few months?

Well ok you may have to deal with inevitable, frustrating delays, dammit. Certain plans are not ready to launch upon the world just yet, but that doesn’t mean they won’t succeed in time… with taskmaster Saturn in your work ethic/day job sector; it’s all about character building patience, to problem solve issues & finesse your vocational skills as you go.

Especially the golden rule of professional politics with Mars retro; anyone who initiates hare brained schemes/power trippy dramas just to force their own success is likely to fuq up, ego wise. To the degree you position yourself competing for public acclaim, you are frittering away your precious energy at best, and totally lose the game, at worst.

But anyone quietly banging away in the background, dark horse style polishing their brand/talent/determination to succeed long term is bound to prevail. And rise up when they are good & ready, to enjoy a well earned sense of professional accomplishment.

So lucky you are not so much a sign about instant gratification, as relishing the creative discipline of attending to details, for the satisfaction of actually being good at what you do, right? Your natural disposition is so suited to thriving slowly but surely here, by the time Mars charges forward from Jan you will be ready to roll!

Meanwhile your ruler Mercury joining the South Node of innate values with Sun & Venus, in your ideas/communication sector. In other words your famous, discerning ability to focus on the things that matter provides such deliciously intelligent, creative ways to tackle whatever you are dealing early Nov.

Cue the Total Lunar Eclipse of Nov 8th, conjunct the Destiny Point & radical Uranus in your expansive vision/adventure sector. Opposite all the genius Mercury/Sun/Venus action outlined above:

Just wow, this Full Moon Eclipse is a cracker! To tune into the broadest, most exciting life plans that you are yearning to chase up. Not so much forcing any particular progress for the moment; as the buzz of big picture thinking, and permission to believe in your wildest dreams -whatever the outcome.

Especially trine healthy Ceres in Virgo & square practical Saturn in your work/health sector. To take the time to align your intentions with a lifestyle & biz plan that actually cultivates productivity, fulfilling success & a sense of wellbeing you can feel good about.

Then the New Moon of Nov 24th, in your domestic sector. With Venus/Mercury involved, trine the healer Chiron in your 8th house of sexy seduction & deeply meaningful personal entanglements. You suddenly realise the importance of positive family dynamics, looking after your tribe at home and cosy, affectionate time with your lover to renew the chemistry you share. Not just for the sake of obligatory ‘doing the right thing’, according to other people’s expectations. More you really feel who you care about, and the loved ones who reciprocate with unconditional love are so worth spending quality time with…of course.

Image: unable to find original credit for this lovely picture.


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