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June 4th begins the month, with a Full Moon in your domestic sector:

On a practical level -any home improvement plans or real estate issues benefit, from taking the time to listen to your clever instincts. Beautifying your abode or property decisions are worth taking the time to get right, with emotional intelligence about how and where you want to live.

And perhaps more importantly, the emotional intelligence to sort out family dynamics and take care of whoever you live with. With your exquisitely accurate relationship radar, you totally get even the most subtle cues form your tribe, co-habs or shacked up lover-to figure out the best way to get along with one another.

Especially the healer Chiron in your 8th house of sexy intimacy/emotionally vulnerable/financial/family entanglements trine Bitch Lilith, with Mars in your spooky, secretive 12th house for this Moon.

In other words, you are acutely aware of two very different, but not necessarily mutually exclusive imperatives:

On the one hand you want to hide out, in your personal sanctuary and meditate, dream journal, attend to your magical inspiration and self development, or whatever the hell turns you on spiritually & creatively-without the white noise of other people’s drama disturbing your reverie. As such a private, sensitive creature, you are particularly protective of your personal space right now, on a psycho-emotional level.

On the other hand you feel deeply, profoundly connected to the people you love the most. Chiron reveals healthy vulnerability, compassion and mutual support in your key connections. And Saturn in your partner sector is the stamina to commit, to whatever beautiful bonding process is going on.

I mean even if Chiron reveals any unhealthy issues, in your personal life? Saturn provides the healthy boundaries. To work it out -if the relationship is worth it? Or if some toxic individual is doing your head in- fuq them right off!

Either way, you get that dealing with interpersonal issues is kind of unavoidable, in order to score the inner peace of mind you are craving right now. Know what I mean?

Meanwhile Jupiter/Destiny Point and Mercury/Uranus in your expansive 9th house for this Moon. Amongst it all you are busting with visionary enthusiasm; for the freedom to chase some kind of travel, intellectual or creative adventure.

Especially Pluto retro out of your home turf-the practical 6th house, into your playful 5th house from June 11th. For the next few months, the buzz of creative talent, confident self expression & fun -could be a break from overanalysing health issues & work ethic pressures?

And this could work a treat, for the New Moon of June 18th in your career sector. Just being brilliant at what you creates fab new professional opportunities-and the details fall into place naturally. Nice one!

Image: Marie Eve Nadeau

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