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Mars charging forward in the first degree of Virgo August 1st, joining Venus in your sign is a most auspicious way to begin the month. You are gorgeous, talented, charming and know what you want (thank you Venus) and know how to get it (thank you Mars). So you are a pretty irresistible, charismatic and onto it force of nature right now:

Especially with lucky Jupiter returning to your home turf -the 6th house of healthy, wealthy & wise work ethic & clean lifestyle choices for the rest of the year. Jupiter brings a positive attitude to living well, because thriving feels good & an enjoyable, fulfilling lifestyle matters-excellent!

But also, Jupiter retro could be tempting to get a bit loose with indulgent appetites or hare-brained schemes that may or may not be practical. Saturn retro also in your 6th house helps, to keep it together with personal discipline to work that manifesting brilliance of yours most effectively. Stay tuned for fab results, when Jupiter & Saturn direct from October bring fab, success machine outcomes -well done you!

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 8th in your soul sector, conjunct your ruler Mercury is a sweet moment of inner reflection. To retreat from the white noise of the crazy world out there, and tune into whatever meditation/poetry/creative inspo keeps you connected with your spiritual truth. And trine Uranus in your adventure sector to align with your most visionary sense of purpose in the world, the next time you step out and get your groove on.

Then the Full Moon of the 22nd, conjunct Jupiter brings out the best of chasing professional dreams that matter to you, looking after your physical vitality and having fun with your most lush, enjoyable lifestyle.

Meanwhile Mars/Venus in Virgo have you quite irresistible, if you have someone special to work your seductive wiles on this month? I mean magical Neptune in your love sector brings divine, soulmate energy with your partner, or if single attraction vibes with someone spooky promising. But also could be bonkers, maddeningly elusive behaviour from your lover to keep you fascinated -or annoyed? Either way you can handle it; especially around the 10th with Venus opposite Neptune & trine sexy Pluto in your romance sector, you are just so gorgeous and able to keep the romance sweet, huh?

Image: Carla Bruni by Steven Miesel


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