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So the big astro of the month is Saturn & Jupiter on the move together, switching signs from the 20th. And for you they’re into your biz/career sector –taskmaster Saturn drilling down on your disciplined work ethic for the next 2.5 years and lucky Jupiter for brilliant, expansive opportunities & the confidence to chase them for the next 12 month:

So if you’re feeling a call to get your professional game on point right now, you’re onto it!

It could present as certain challenges at work suddenly becoming unavoidable (thank you Saturn). As in you are required to perform under pressure/workplace power trips etc; and rather than get all stressed about it you realize yes you can, and find renewed confidence as you nail it in ways you didn’t realize you were capable of until you had to. Or you have some exciting ambition/biz enterprise calling your name, and it matters enough to trigger your most gritty determination, willingness to take a calculated risk on a brilliant plan & commit yourself to getting it right for your own personal satisfaction & success. Yes the thrill of accomplishment is a thing here, and Jupiter brings the positive attitude to attract the good fortune/professional recognition you deserve to make it happen…

Meanwhile the Total Solar Eclipse of the 15th in your 8th house of lucrative financial/biz negotiations is handy, to keep your famous, genius fiscal aptitude sharp as you go.

Also the 8th house is about sexy seduction moments, deeper emotional intimacy & meaningful passion that is hot as hell but does require a willingness to be genuinely vulnerable. So with a Total Eclipse mid month the feelings are real & emotional authenticity required. Then Venus turning up from the 16th brings such romantic magnetism & attraction magic, to turn on your desire nature. Yes, December is fully Taurus mating season, if you can handle the heat and ready to love like you mean it?

Which could raise some pertinent, revealing Us Talks to explore the connection with your partner/lover, or promising flirty moments with a crush by the Full Moon of the 30th in your comms sector; just as Venus aligns with the South Node of existing love dynamics in your sexy 8th house. A great time to let someone special know you care.

Then just a heads up that you’re also looking forward to Mars in your sign, for such a spunky new rush of energy from Jan 8th…yes this is so something to look forward to as you get ready for a dynamic start to 2021 x

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