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So how good has lucky Jupiter on your sexy ruler Pluto been lately; in your communication sector to speak your truth with such spunky, empowered confidence!

I mean we all love your secretive, enigmatic vibe when you’re playing guessing games about your feelings etc-it does keep us intrigued with your enduring, enigmatic mystery. It’s part of your maddening charm, lol. But with Jupiter in truth telling mode, especially keeping it real with in sync with fact-checker Saturn this month; it just feels so liberating to blurt out your feelings with that raw, primal, could give a fuq what anyone thinks authenticity.

Especially with Venus in your sign for the first half of Dec, your gorgeous charm, beauty & charisma is so on point –you can pretty much afford to be your real self in any scenario & your crew/the world at large are bound to appreciate it.

Let alone attracting plenty of romantic attention, with your raw magnetism being even more attractive than ever…

Because also Uranus in your relationship sector is a thing for the next several years, with an explosive desire to reveal any unspoken/unresolved issues with loved ones; the better to relate with incandescent clarity & bring your key connections into line with what you really desire from one another right? Especially with Bitch Lilith on Uranus right now, you can afford to bring your naturally intense, dark horse wiles to your love life with full, hot, unapologetic ferocity. Omg you love this!

Meanwhile you also love Mars powering forward in your work/day job/wellbeing sector –to bring your most determined, fab work ethic to healthy, wealthy & wise success in the world…

Especially with the big astro of Dec being the Total Solar Eclipse of the 15th in your income sector. As in your natural instincts to hustle good coin from whatever gig you choose to commit to- is even more on point than ever mid-month. Especially with Venus from the 16th, to shine your natural talent & brilliance with full, lucrative potential.

Image: Hannah Lemholt

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