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So your ruler Jupiter in your domestic sector is really broadening your sense of what a home for your heart means right now. The urge to beautify your space (in which case ditching unnecessary crap, to make space for clean décor & clear feng shui works a treat) or seeking an exciting new location to live, and more open, honest connection with your family/tribe/co-habs/shacked up lover is so positively inspiring, to create the perfect Sag sanctuary.

Yes but also Jupiter retro from the June 22nd could be frustrating, to the extent you feel you are outgrowing your current domestic scenario a bit faster than you are fully manifesting the new one… So you might want to watch tetchy impatience with loved ones, just as you are trying to evolve together or impulsive real-estate decisions, because fuq security or whatever nomadic impulse captures your restless, wandering spirit. Maybe take the time to fully realise your domestic dreams/perfect place to live-it might even be early 2022 when it all comes together, but so worth the wait to get it right huh?

Meanwhile the Solar Eclipse, New Moon of June 10th in your partnership sector is bang on Mercury retrograde, with Saturn retro stuck on old patterns in your communication sector. So on the one hand your love life feels thwarted by weird misunderstandings -and gah you do loathe going over the same old tedious emotional crap, it just makes you want to run a mile!

But also with the Destiny Point involved, Venus in your sex/intimacy sector and the healer Chiron in your romance sector; this could be a precious opportunity to explore the deeper feelings coming up, with emotional intelligence & subtle nuance for mutual understanding with your lover that can actually go somewhere. Or if single figure out what you’re actually looking for, to magnetise the next meaningful attraction?

Then the Full Moon of the 25th is all about hustling coin, because Venus opposite Pluto in your finance sectors is so potentially lucrative! I mean Uranus says the day-job aint exactly stable right now, but if any sign thrives in free range/autonomous employment with room to grow -even if that means juggling unpredictable income it’s our wild child Sag, right?

Image: unable to find original credit for this cool picture.


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