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So Uranus, halfway through several years in your 6th house of work/healthy lifestyle has kept you on your toes. I mean the flexibility required to deal with unpredictable business fortunes/professional gigs/employment opportunities would drive most signs mad with the lack of security to rely on. But you kind of thrive when you have to be self-reliant, hustle based on raw talent and the freedom this allows to work an autonomous income/free-range lifestyle not so much accountable to anyone -do admit you love this!

And the Destiny Point/North Node also in your 6th house provides a sense of meaningful vocational purpose. You are switched on to the personal growth that comes with getting better at what you are good at, with the capacity to make the world a better place as you go. This feels like being a maverick/rebel type who questions the status quo; working in the system to improve it for collective evolution in your field, or creating an independent biz outside the system to inspire others to do the same is such a turn on for you.

Especially your ruler Jupiter, in your 5th house of creative talent, shiny self expression & shameless self expression this year. Work should feel like play, in the sense you are doing something positive you love and the brazen confidence to do it on your own terms. Cliché as fuq I know, but you’re feeling it in your bones, right?

I mean if you ever feared you would have to settle for compromised wage slavery or randomly juggling casual work just to survive, this astro reminds you how much of a magical manifesting, creative force of nature you are. Time to grab the bull by the horns. You are the sign most likely to thrive in crazy times because you are so comfortable outside the economic comfort zone, where fab opportunities present themselves…

Because August begins with Mars in your 6th house in exact conjunction with Uranus/Destiny Point. Such a sexy, motivated work ethic and the vitality that comes from the fierce workout regime you adore, to keep your success mojo and lust for life on point. Yes, the month begins with a bang-the better to embrace a truly fulfilling, productive attitude to how you live. Fabulous-go you!

Then the Full Moon of the 12th on taskmaster Saturn has you uncharacteristically disciplined about clear communication. I mean you are famous for blurting out your truth, but actually you can be surprisingly protective about your private opinions, that are nobody else’s business because as such a genuinely libertarian sign, you value freedom of thought & expression above all else. And sometimes this means the discretion to fly under the radar, to keep your agenda to yourself whilst you are busy acting according to your conscience with full, spunky integrity-know what I mean?

Then Mars in your love sector, from August 21st till March next year is a rare, extended focus on the passionate Sag love life: You are so much more likely to have someone hot coming at you -a partner who wants to let you know how much they still adore you or some new attraction to rock your world. Especially if you are into men, or if male on the prowl to seduce someone, with so much sexy testosterone revving up your love sector. Sag mating season is on for the next 6 months, and it’s hot!

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