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The Full Moon of April 6th, in your social sector feels like a good time to get out & about. As in it feels good to feel connected to the close friends, social scene/wider community and cultural zeitgeist around you.

It’s exciting to network with the right people, feel part of your tribe and

understand your broader purpose in the world. Yes indeed, during this time of turbulent collective evolution, it’s important to you to feel you have something meaningful to contribute, right?

Especially syncing Bitch Lilith in your expansive 9th house; your most brazen goals include being quite the contrarian, rebellious figure in the world -as you pursue personal freedom. Excellent, you love this!

Because also, this Moon opposes Sun/Chiron conjunct your ruler Jupiter, in your 5th house. So lets talk about this sector of your chart, as it becomes increasingly relevant this month:

The 5th is your house of talent, creative genius, shiny personal confidence, playful good times and easy romance. Such a positive, life affirming energy! One the one hand permission to relax a little, having fun just because you can. Also the creative discipline, to get really good at what you do. Because as above; it’s really important to bring your best game to how you express yourself in the world.

And the thing is the wounded healer Chiron, revealing any weird insecurities about what you’re capable of. And your boss Jupiter, with spectacular confidence to believe in your brilliance -sans tedious, bourgeois/societal expectations that cramp your style? Yes, IF it aligns with the freedom to be your true self -with full integrity.

So ideally this is all about radiant self assurance, the more you are prepared to accept yourself as you are, with all your human flaws and shine like the honest, crazy diamond you are.

Then the New Moon, of April 20th is also in your 5th house, conjunct your ruler Jupiter. And being a Solar Eclipse, is next level expression of your most positive 5th house attitude:

Clear emphasis on your most unique talent and creative manifesting skills. The sheer confidence for shameless self promotion and the swagger to show off, just because you’re a spunk. Because playful self expression matters right now; so worth making time for whatever fun & games feel life affirming…

Ps this includes sweet romance. Especially with Venus in your love sector and Mars in your sexy 8th house. Easy, flirty chemistry can turn into full blown attraction/relationship potential at warp speed here! Including if already partnered -you make quality time, to renew your lovely commitment by being playful lovers again.

Also this Moon is called a Hybrid Solar Eclipse for a reason. Exact in the last degree of your 5th house- 15 mins later the Moon moves into your practical 6th house, followed by the Sun 15 mins later. Where they conjunct the Destiny Point, with Mercury conjunct Uranus also in your 6th house. So lets talk about this sector of your chart:

The practical 6th house is all about solid work ethic and healthy lifestyle.

As much as you rail against inflexible work hours/control freaks cramping your style on the job? The Destiny Point here is professional goals that are so important to you; the motivation is real to work your ass off, on your own terms for success and job satisfaction. Do admit your free range, visionary work vibe tends to thrive with a solid, disciplined routine, right? And as for healthy lifestyle that’s easy -you adore a dynamic, consistent daily fitness regime to keep you strong of body and clear of mind-it’s your natural thing!

And Saturn fresh in your home sector. A comfortable abode & harmonious family dynamic requires the kind of patience, that apparently you avoid at all costs, but you’re better at it than people think! Sag can be surprisingly house proud, and loyal their tribe -as long as they don’t try to emotionally suffocate you, right?

Image: Isabeli Fontana by David Sims, Vogue Paris


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