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So if you remember the rush of positive energy and inspired sense of your own magical manifestation potential, that was Jupiter in Pisces May 14th-July 29th this year? And how even in crazy times you felt crystal clear about your fab, expansive dreams coming true just by being true to yourself? Then maybe kind of thwarted with Jupiter retro back in your soul sector from August, to re-work your intentions behind the scenes for the moment?

And to the extent Jupiter retrograde has been tedious for the last 2 months; having to look within and, especially with Saturn retro involved, confronting any unresolved self-doubt & existential angst going on. Gah especially with the state of the world/maybe literally in stupid lockdown cramping your style etc…

You are going to love Jupiter direct from Oct 18th, to suddenly feel reconnected to your cosmic bliss, creative muse & magical inspo! Yes you’ve really earned this one, by taking the time to charge your inner batteries; working on relationship with self & whatever spiritual practice keeps you aligned with the divine guidance that feels right for you. If you feel your inner light shining bright from mid-Oct, it’s a beautiful thing to cultivate for the rest of the year! Especially Jupiter back in Pisces from Dec 29th is some powerful New Years resolutions, for 2022 coming up…

Meanwhile Jupiter direct is also trine sexy Mars in your sexy 8th house of emotional intimacy, passion & shared money magic, so let’s talk about that:

The New Moon of Oct 6th in your 8th house is exactly conjunct Mars. So tangible, hot-blooded devotion from your partner/lover could have you feeling so adored &deeply connected-how delicious. Or if single maybe someone new chasing you up, with a hot seduction moment? Excellent.

But also Mercury retro involved is tricky. Could be diving deep into some weird misunderstanding/convoluted psycho sexual issue that has been begging to be addressed, and feel so much better for clearing the air. Maybe hot bedwork is enough to re-connect, or you need to verbally thrash it out till Jupiter trine Mercury direct around the 18th resolves the issue -all good either way. But any temptation to play weird headfuq games/power trips with one another in the meantime, to avoid vulnerability-yeah not so much, likely to backfire explosively just so you know.

Same goes for financial entanglements/biz negotiations. Mars brings next level confidence to hustle coin, win-win scenarios and general money genius doing what you’re good at, especially Mercury syncing Venus in your career sector to really shine your natural talent bright in the world. So beautiful to thrive, and inspire everyone else as you go.

But also Mercury retrograde for this Moon, opposite Chiron in your security sector & trine Saturn in your soul sector, could reveal any lurking self-sabotage patterns ready to be addressed? So if tempted to underestimate your earning potential cos self-doubt, charge into some dodgy biz scenario, or triggered by some family/biz conflict to make a stoopid financial decision on the run? Not so much obviously, this could be super messy! Better to wait for the Full Moon of the 21st, with Mercury direct to think more clearly.

And caring Ceres in your domestic sector is all about nurturing relationships at home, because your loved ones & family matter right?

Image: Angelm Fitor


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