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The New Moon of the 15th in your expansive adventure sector is trine your magical, visionary ruler Neptune in your sign; so mid Nov is beautifully inspirational.

I mean this would usually inspire your wanderlust, and itching to travel but of course depending where you are in the world this could be pretty tricky right now, dammit. And what with the other big astro being lucky Jupiter on Pluto in your social sector, where you would ideally be out & about doing cool stuff/networking with your tribe –arrgh lockdown etc could be pretty frustrating right now huh?

So meanwhile you work the New Moon by broadening your mind; especially with Mercury involved you are primed for a stimulating study/learning bender, with a lovely spirit of philosophical enquiry & intellectual curiosity. And same goes for Jupiter/Pluto tuning you into the collective zeitgeist of what we all believe in right now, in this time of cultural upheaval etc –you might find you are more turned on by sharing ideas/meaningful solutions with like minded peeps –whether close friends or broader community online, professionally whatever. You might also be doing a bit of a cull of any out-dated social connections; the better to make room for fab new friends or transformative networking opportunities coming up to rock your world!

Also to the extent any study/up skilling/social networking you are doing right now is aimed at professional goals? You’ve got to love Mars direct in your income sector bang on the New Moon mid month-and active until Jan 2021. A fresh burst of raw energy & determination, to leverage your most inspiring goals to earn good coin for the life you want to live –yes you’re so onto it for the rest of the year!

Then the Full Moon of the 30th in your home sector has Venus opposite Uranus, for a sparky take on your personal life. You’re fired up to communicate with your loved ones on a more meaningful level, which could awaken the authentic relationship vibes in your domestic dynamics beautifully.

Including your love life of course. Because with Ceres in your sign from Nov 10th and Venus in your intimacy sector -you are coming from a place of caring & sharing that is not so much vulnerable as the power of yummy, nurturing loving intent that fosters raw, empowering passion-know what I mean?

Image: Pauline Grossman


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