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The New Moon of May 1st is a Partial Solar Eclipse in your ideas sector, to stimulate a fresh way of thinking & communicating your beautiful truth. And by stimulating I mean conjunct radical Uranus, to really spark that wild & wonderful creative imagination and magically intuitive mind of yours. Such an inspiring vibe to begin the month…

Especially with lucky Jupiter, finishing up a year in your sign with an exact, divine conjunction with Venus and your magical ruling planet Neptune involved, for this Moon. It’s like mainlining angel juice from your higher self, at such an exquisitely exalted frequency. You dig poetry, art, music, yoga, meditation, prayer, positive affirmations; whatever turns you on to your greatest potential, spiritual growth and most of all bliss!

Also Venus/Jupiter in your sign, it must be noted, can only lift your gorgeous charisma in the world-you’re super desirable right now. And of course your romantic confidence -if you’re out to seduce/attract/connect with someone special (and nothing less than special love works here -you aint got time for cheap thrills just for the sake of it), you certainly have the allure to do it.

Then by the time Mars meets Neptune in your sign May 18th, you get the energetic buzz to action whatever brilliant plans you have no doubt been brewing, since that exciting New Moon:

Perfect, because grand plans are definitely calling your name, more than ever with the Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse of the 16th in your adventure sector. It feels like your natural thing, to explore visionary ideas & learn fascinating new things that open your mind, travel to new places that broaden your horizons and generally give yourself permission to be the cosmic, curious, wild-child that you are.

Meanwhile Jupiter into your money sector from the 11th helps, with a whole year ahead of big, brazen earning plans. I mean this could mean making lots of coin, because lucrative abundance feels good. But even more doing something meaningful for a living, with flexible hours/as much personal freedom as possible -that’s what Jupiter is really on about.

Especially Venus conjunct the healer Chiron in your money sector, exact for the Eclipse mid-month. Even more subtle cues about the kind of earning scenarios that honour your powerful creative imperative and general wellbeing. Because doing what you love, in a way that fills your cup rather than stressing you out/draining your batteries is gold. And this includes a healthy work/personal life balance…

As in Mercury retrograde in your home sector from the 12th. To remind you that as much as you are swept up with wonderful exuberance to thrive in the world, as you should be; also check in with family & loved ones at home, to make sure they get where you’re at and avoid any misunderstandings about your evolving state of mind. Know what I mean?

And of course Venus/Chiron is gorgeous for romance. In your security sector, Venus would normally be seeking commitment type conversations here. But Chiron brings sweet vulnerability, and the ability to be empathetic & trust the unspoken signals about how much each other care, so lovely. And ok if there are trickier problems going on, at least the healing process is easier, if you need to navigate a bit of space etc?

Image: unable to find original credit for this cool picture.


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