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The Pisces Full Moon of March 3rd, on lucky Jupiter in your sign is such a lovely way to begin the month.

I mean Jupiter lighting up your sign, with an exuberant, fun sense if your wildest personal potential; on & off from last June till May has been a turn on for a while. And this New Moon is perfect, to clarify your most positive intentions, that are going to make you feel good this month. Nice one!

Especially in easy aspect to radical Uranus in your ideas/communication sector, and Saturn/Mercury conjunct in your visionary soul sector. Where it doesn’t take much to consider a fresh perspective; to transform any stubborn, limiting beliefs with an intuitive, open mind to different possibilities as they present themselves. This is a subtle, but completely game changing shift in attitude, of course.

Meanwhile the mating season vibe from February continues, with Venus/Mars in exact, gloriously romantic embrace early March. Especially exact on Pluto for a primal, sexy energy to heat things up big time! Everyone is feeling it, and for you in your social sector of friendship, finding the tribe/scene that support your values and getting out & about in the world.

If partnered/in love, maybe you are most excited by sharing cool, idealistic notions of what matters most to both of you -a mental/life path connection to stimulate the passionate chemistry?

Or if single/dating/on the prowl same goes. You are so likely to meet someone cool, with wildly promising, perfect synchronicity when you are out & about with your crew, community type events or social zeitgeist type conversations. Maybe talking politics or whatever and bam, you realize you are on the same wavelength as someone hot-and you both like it. Ooh la la?

Then the Full Moon of the 18th in your love/partner sector, in a grand trine with sexy Pluto in your social sector and the Destiny Point in your communication sector. A perfect time to find transformative new experiences with your lover, to grow together more so than status quo relating -know what I mean? Or if meeting someone new/teasing out an attraction -I’m just saying your fascinating, alluring flirtation skills are so on point…

And Mercury on Jupiter in your sign by the 21st, to articulate yourself in the world on a broader level. Whatever you are on about right now, you are able to express yourself with magnificent, confident clarity. Then Mercury on your ruler Neptune, by the 24th adds a subtle, spooky sense of near-telepathic, compassionate understanding with whoever you are communicating with -this is so your natural thing, of course.

Image: unable to find credit for this cool pic.


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