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March begins with Mars in your home sector from the 4th, to focus your energy firmly on your personal & domestic imperatives, rather than so much focus on the crazy world out there.

Especially with Mars cruising toward the Destiny Point; with specific, promising scenarios to do with family, co-hab relationships & property ready to evolve next level this month-and you have the fab confidence to create a home for your heart.

Because by the time this is exact late Feb, Mars has squared Saturn in your soul sector around the 22nd. Which means you are cosmically attuned to the spiritual discipline to fill your cup from within, for the satisfaction of taking responsibility for your own joy & magical mojo to manifest the life you want. Which ideally helps you to be crystal clear about what really matters, to create a domestic sanctuary/home for your heart and close relationships that support your bliss & full personal potential.

So meanwhile the Pisces New Moon of the 13th is the perfect meeting of Venus love/romance/talent charisma to shine bright for a good time & pretty damn desirable whilst you do it; and your ruler Neptune for your most visionary instincts to inspire your highest, beautiful intentions in life. Especially with Mercury in Pisces from the 17th, mid Feb is such a gorgeous time, to express your lovely true self in the world & attract the peeps who adore your magic vibes. This feels so divine & rewarding!

And ok with mysterious Neptune involved, some people might still find you kind of enigmatic & weird-I mean you are a strangely alluring creature. I guess Uranus in your communication sector helps, to embrace the kooky, cool dialogues with those who get you and healthy space from those who don’t.

Then the Full Moon of the 29th is in your sector of sexual/emotional/financial entanglements, with the healer Chiron to deal with any wounding coming up with emotional intelligence. I mean it’s not exactly stable, especially Mars/Destiny Point for sudden growth in your domestic relationships –but maybe this is a good thing to keep it real & authentic right?

Image: Vogue Paris


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