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So Pluto in your home turf, the 12th house since April has been revealing? To the extent the 12th is your soul sector, where you experience your innate cosmic magic, spiritual awareness and creative inspiration -Pluto digs deep.

The interplay of shadow and light, as you bring any sticky, deep dark issues into more conscious awareness. I mean as such a natural at looking within, as you seek to connect with the divine aspect of your nature… you are entirely comfortable with the alchemical process, in Jungian terms of turning unconscious drives into golden self awareness. Know what I mean?

So Pluto retro, back into your social sector from June 11th till next Feb, is a break from all this internal scrutiny? Yes, but also a new perspective on the people around you, the scene you’re in and your purpose in the broader cultural zeitgeist -from a renewed spiritual perspective, in terms of what really matters to you. Connecting with your soul tribe, who share your most cherished values is a thing, for the rest of the year.

Meanwhile the Full Moon of June 4th, in your brilliant career sector is helpful. In terms of figuring out your most fulfilling vocational scenario. Especially trine Mars/Lilith, in your practical 6th house. With Mars opposite Pluto in your soul sector. You have such a creatively powerful, motivational work ethic -to the extent you are doing it on your own, meaningful terms.

Especially Venus also in your 6th house from June 5th, for a rare, extended stay until October! Venus brings your most beautiful talent, creative brilliance and charm to the day job. And plenty of time to work your professional magic for the next 4 months.

Meanwhile a Venus/Mars conjunction, brewing throughout June is all about professional relationships. Shmoozing the people who can help you get ahead, mutually beneficial creative collaborations and the satisfaction of offering primo service to your clients, customers, employer etc.

…I mean you probably can’t please all the people all the time, with Lilith involved. Your unique, uncompromising way of doing things may be too much, in certain circles. But especially with Pluto back into your social sector, the crew who get you are so onto it -for spectacular networking opportunities, to do transformative work in the world.

Especially Mercury/Uranus and Jupiter/Destiny Point in your ideas/communication sector. Your mind is incandescent with such sparkly inspiration, and whatever you are on about is likely to be weird in the most genius, positive and innovative way. So the better you can express yourself clearly, you connect with the people who are just as fascinating and switched on as yourself.

And this includes romance, with Uranus/Mercury trine caring Ceres in your love sector. The more outrageously honest you are with your lover, partner or flirty crush -the more likely to bond, with sweet, genuinely caring authenticity.

And the New Moon of June 18th in your domestic sector, aspect Ceres.

Feels so easy to bond with your family and loved ones at home -because you make the effort to communicate effectively. Nice one.

Image: Jerry Hall


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