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It’s all about lucky Jupiter in your sign from Dec 30th, just in time for the most fabulous, inspired, confident New Years resolutions for January, to do meaningful stuff you believe in. 2022 has such positive, magical Pisces vibes!

And with Mars energising your biz sector this month, you are most inclined to think about success in terms of exciting career goals -with a fierce work ethic to back yourself up. You’re a bit unstoppable now, if you happen to be excited about shining in the world this year…

Meanwhile the New Moon of Jan 3rd in your social sector, with Venus/Pluto to get how much bonding with your tribe turns you on and builds deeper, meaningful human connections to help you evolve. Hanging out with dear friends for fun, creative collaboration or professional networking could be so empowering & pleasurable this month.

And ok, Venus retro for this Moon could feel like pulling back or delays with certain interactions, but that’s ok. The better to quality control the crew you want in your life; to be patient with any temporarily stalled interactions or find a more fulfilling scene to get involved with -either way by the time Mars hits your social sector Jan 25th you have the confidence to be yourself with everyone, then Venus direct from the 29th will bring the peeps who get your brilliance. Something to look forward to huh?

Also just saying Venus/Pluto is a pretty sexy vibe... So if you happen to be single/on the dating scene out in the world this could be cryptic, flirty vibes -to have fun sorting out the batshit crazy contenders from the promising, passionate ones hmmm? Or if partnered/in love already, maybe stay up late one night thrashing out your thoughts on the world/philosophical/spiritual beliefs -the better to connect on an open minded level, and go love each other with a brilliant mental connection to match your emo/physical chemistry, know what I mean?

Then the Full Moon of the 18th in your play/talent/self expression sector is opposite Pluto, for an empowering, creative vibe to have fun being your true self, and how to flaunt it in the world. I mean with Venus trine radical Uranus in your ideas/communication sector, what you’re on about could be kind of provocative; but you totally have the charm & magnetic charisma to pull it off right?

Image: Elena Kalis


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