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So with your mystical ruler Neptune inspiring your sign from 2012-2026, you know you’re travelling through a particularly enchanted, magical, spiritually aware phase of your life. What a time to be a cosmic wild-child…

And your old-skool ruler, lucky Jupiter in your sign from Jan-June 2022 only lifts your frequency even higher; with uber positive, expansive confidence to chase meaningful dreams, live free & have a good time being you!

Ok and also dealing with some of your louche, escapist tendencies -Neptune & Jupiter can both be pretty loose, lol. But Saturn in your soul sector should keep that in check -you presumably have some kind of spiritual/meditation/personal growth/creative discipline going on, to stay true to a higher purpose right??

Especially the New Moon of Feb 1st, in your soul sector conjunct Saturn; perfect to begin the month with a clear, focused sense of purpose shining from within…lovely.

Because the more you stay authentic & high end, the more you are floating around feeling the bliss of conscious living, magical manifestation & spooky synchronicities in the world for wonderful opportunities to embrace. I mean this is your natural thing -no one else knows how the fuq you do it…

And especially Jupiter syncing Uranus inspiration in your ideas sector-this is primo time to embrace that brilliant, beautiful, ineffable way you thrive by believing in your most beautiful thoughts.

Also Uranus triggers you to speak your truth more clearly; and with caring Ceres on the Destiny Point in your communication sector could bond you with certain special people, who get what you’re on about.

Which is great for the BIG love action going on right now -Venus conjunct Mars from Feb 1st till mid March. And it’s happening in your social sector, with chatty Mercury on sexy Pluto early Feb, to get verbal about the stuff you believe in:

If partnered, you bond best by shared social values/talking about idealistic notions that turn you both on, and spending quality time out & about/with friends who inspire you; to function in the world as a couple who know where they are going, together.

If single/on the dating scene? Oh my goodness you want to be out there & get amongst it -you are SO likely to find sexy attraction, with crazy perfect synchronicity, just by spending quality time with your tribe.

Maybe a dear friend introduces you to someone special, or a special friend with underlying chemistry suddenly becomes romantic?? Or buzzing around being a social butterfly and bam- a seemingly random encounter rocks your world? Maybe one minute raving on about shared ideals/politics etc, then you lock eyes & it’s on!

Then the Full Moon of the 17th asks the question- are your daily, healthy habits & day job really nurturing you? A great time to make sure you are walking your talk, right?

Image: Jessica de Virgilis for Mira Nedyalkova


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