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So the Full Moon of April 6th is in your 8th house, of sex, emotional intimacy and shared resources. To begin the month acutely aware, of how your most important interpersonal entanglements work.

Certainly your loved ones/people you are most deeply connected with reveal their true feelings and desires, which is helpful. Whether they are chasing you with loving, caring or maybe sexy attention -which is lovely. Or being sensitive, tricky & complex-to test your patience?

The great thing is this Moon opposite Sun, Chiron and Jupiter in your 2nd house of personal values. We will talk about your 2nd house more shortly-but for the purpose of this Full Moon:

The healer Chiron awakens your beautiful, innate capacity to really appreciate other people’s vulnerability. Nobody does exquisite compassion like Pisces! And Jupiter brings positive, emotional generosity to love & support one another, as unconditionally as possible. Especially with caring Ceres in your love/partner sector.

So your relationship skills are on point; with the emotional intelligence you do so well. Good work:

Because also Saturn fresh in Pisces, settling in for the next 2 years, is more about setting healthy boundaries -to focus on your own goals & disciplined personal growth. You feel a powerful imperative to be your own authority in the world. You set the rules of what you want to achieve, and to the extent this requires sustained focus you are onto it.

Cue the New Moon, Hybrid Eclipse of April 20th.

Exact in your 2nd house, conjunct Jupiter. The 2nd is where you ground yourself in an autonomous sense of personal integrity-being true to your own values. And independent prosperity, to create your own wealth on your own terms.

And to the extent Saturn in your sign is tempting to stress about survival/security/status issues, in this regard? As in feeling the need to prove your worth in material terms, or trying to be respectable at the expense of your visionary, cosmic wild child nature? It’s great to have expansive Jupiter involved; to embrace your most meaningful sense of purpose as you go. Positive self belief, with the same unconditional self acceptance you encourage in everyone else is your superpower here.

Then, 15 mins after exact in your 2nd house; the Moon moves into your 3rd house, followed by the Sun 4 hours later. Where they both conjunct the Destiny Point:

Which is where positive self belief comes in; as the 3rd house is all about the quality of your thoughts, belief systems and internal narratives that ultimately create your reality -know what I mean?

And with Mercury conjunct Uranus, in your 3rd house -wow, your mind is simply incandescent with seriously brilliant ideas:

Especially with Pluto fresh in your home turf; the 12th house of spiritual awareness-your consciousness is totally on fire with a transformative, empowering, meaningful sense of your higher calling.

So weird & wonderful new schemes & dreams arise, seemingly out of nowhere… to focus your attention in the most innovative, exciting way.

And to the extent the 3rd house is about clear communication, you are so articulate here. I mean ok, you might come across as a weirdo to certain people who don’t get it; but why not embrace this chance to be a high functioning flake, inspiring influencer, to the people you can relate to?

Because as a cosmic wild child, you tend to be enigmatic at the best of times -which keeps everyone fascinated by your wise, wacky point of view. So this Moon is such a wonderful chance, to express your unique voice in the world. Everyone loves you for it, don’t you know?

Image: unable to find original credit, for this fab vintage picture.


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