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October is here to bring us into the home strait of 2020, and we want to hold onto our hats & stay on point as the year rolls on yes?

In many ways the key astro of October is the Jupiter/Mars square:

Lucky Jupiter direct increasingly aligns us with our most positive, meaningful sense of purpose & the brilliant momentum that comes with knowing exactly what we came here to do-yay! Especially inching closer to sexy Pluto & disciplined Saturn (exact over the next few months), to really manifest our powerful truth in the world!

But also Mars in Aries retrograde this month is kind of like driving toward our dream destination with temporary brakes on. We know we're gonna get there in the end; but meanwhile we pace ourselves & maybe take a few pitstops to fill up with gas, pump the tyres & check the roadmap -to make sure we're good to go when Mars picks up the pace from mid Nov onwards, and we get to really accelerate with full momentum...

So meanwhile we are savvy about accepting the delays etc we can't control right now with gracious, strategic patience; and filling our cup with whatever regenerative self care nurtures our

spunky, internal locus of power. There's no rush this month, but there is an imperative to keep our beautiful, meaningful intentions clear with a fierce determination to make them happen long term.

Happy October folks, lets grab the fab energy here to galvanise our thriving lust for life toward stuff that really matters x

More details for your sign, for guidance thru October with the monthly scopes here.

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