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So Mars now officially retrograde, till January is kind of slowing us all down, to figure out what we’re on about before charging forward.

And for you it’s in your 9th house of adventure, visionary ideals, big picture thinking, academia, publishing and expansive travel:

So in some cases the kind of delayed plans & lack of forward momentum this brings could be a bitch, if you are trying to organise the logistics of a big, long distance trip or power ahead with some academic or publishing project. Just saying it pays to be adaptable; perhaps any delays are a sign that it could even work out more advantageously, if you go with the flow and postpone till Jan onwards?

Or in terms of cultivating your visionary, big picture thinking it’s a more tangential, abstract thing; where delayed progress isn’t so obvious, or necessarily difficult:

I mean certainly if you are focused on writing or grappling with a meaningful belief system, to make sense of life? You could totally benefit from this chance to re-consider certain narratives & ideals, and allow fresh inspiration to strike when the muse is ready. As such a fundamentally creative creature, you love this process!

Or maybe you find yourself reflecting on the past, with a more philosophical/pattern recognition take on how you got where you are now, to refresh your perspective in a positive way; before gathering your energy for the next big chapter moving forward? Excellent!

Or I suppose, if you find yourself bitching & moaning about all the times you’ve felt thwarted in the past, with a pressure cooker sense of frustration about any current scenarios slowing down -as some kind of excuse to feel stuck? Ha Mars has your number, and will test your temper until you realise the only thing holding you back is naff old, limited thinking on your part -and time to get the fuq over it. Ouch?

Meanwhile the Total Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon of Nov 8th is a cracker, to focus your attention on tangible love/money concerns:

This Moon is on the Destiny Point & radical Uranus in your 8th house of intimate/sexy/financial entanglements. So sudden, revealing feelings could erupt at warp speed in your closest, most passionate/vulnerable/deeply caring relationships. I mean on such an Eclipse this could be a crazy moment to rattle the status quo with certain people, that you thought you had a handle on. Disturbing much? But mainly the electrifying clarity here is a wonderful, liberating thing. To see one another with fresh eyes, appreciate what everyone is feeling and love with renewed honesty.

Same goes with biz/family financial interdependence. You may suddenly have to re-negotiate certain agreements -ideally a chance to align with a shared sense of mutually advantageous, meaningful purpose. Or if you want to cut loose from any limiting contracts that no longer serve you, this is perfect astro to negotiate an exit plan.

Because this Moon has Mercury/Sun conjunct your ruler Venus, in your 2nd house of personal values/independent material security.

You know what you want, actually what you need to feel grounded in healthy relationship with self and as much financial autonomy as possible. Living life on your own terms, with the intelligent, creative manifesting skills you are so famous for is a big priority here.

Yes, the better to bring the integrity of who you are to any interpersonal/relationship discussions, right?

Especially by the New Moon of Nov 24th, with Venus/Mercury exactly conjunct in your communication sector. Perfect for your famous charm and exquisite relating skills, to finesse getting along with the people you care about… such an important sense of connection to feel good about this month.

Image: Beto Hektor


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