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The New Moon of Jan 3rd reminds you that home really is where the heart is… and gosh you must be loving your lovely ruler Venus, in an extended tour of your home sector from Nov till March -domestic harmony suits your style:

I mean to the extent Venus here is classic astro for beautifying your abode; out of all the signs you are by far the most exquisitely gifted at it; being so arty, design & aesthetically driven and all. Lush interior design & perfect, balanced feng shui is your natural thing!

Oh the bliss of 3 whole months to finesse the perfect palette to paint the walls, to match the quality curtains, textiles, and divine homewares that-do admit-you’ve spent a fortune collecting over the years. And no doubt indulge your spending fetish, to add to gorgeous home décor right now-lol. And re-arrange the furniture etc, to create the ideal energy flow through your space. Or the equivalent of the above, to create a truly inspiring sanctuary to live in-it’s what you do.

And even if this sounds a bit shallow… look, we’ve had a bitch of a few years, including ridiculous lockdown/stuck indoors etc; so a bit of joy to adore where you live is good for the soul huh?

Even more important is Venus lushing up your familial & domestic relationships. You get how important your tribe is, the better to get along and make one another feel cherished. Harmonious, loving connection with family, flatmates, live in lovers -whoever you share your space and emotional trust with is so precious right now. You are feeling the love & taking the time to bond, right?

Because also we have to talk about Venus conjunct volatile Pluto lately, and retrograde for January - tetchy feelings could be coming up. Maybe old family dramas being revealed; honestly this is perfect astro to work through any issues with caring, sharing resolution, as much as possible. Or real-estate issues, maybe some advantageous negotiations under pressure?

And love/romantic action? Well especially wounded healer Chiron in your partner sector & sparky Uranus in your intimacy sector, as Pluto/Venus brings explosive, sexy passion on home turf… If you have someone special, maybe scary, empowering vulnerability is the way to bond -sans stoopid conflict, cos power trips huh?

Or entertaining some crazy new attraction if single/on the dating scene, especially any seduction you bring home -get ready, could be about to rock your world one way or the other!

Image: unable to find original credit for this gorgeous picture.


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