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So Bitch Lilith in Leo, from Jan till October this year, huh?

I mean as a naturally radiant soul, you are used to sharing those positive, warm qualities that make everyone else feel so good around you. And don’t go changing -we love your shiny, generous, feel good vibes!

Also, Lilith is permission to deal with any aspects of your personality that are not so obviously easy to deal with. Feeling kind of rebellious -your attitude is all about fuq off, spunky charisma on your own sweet terms.

I mean presumably the shadow work you’ve been doing, with Lilith in your soul sector 2022 has helped. To look within and come to terms with any brilliant, personal potential you’ve been unconsciously denying; if it hasn’t fit with your own ‘acceptable’ self image? The courage to integrate the unique, weird qualities that make you truly you, has been gold.

Now with Lilith in your sign, ready to unleash your most raw, authentic self-expression upon the world. You love this!

So your annual Full Moon in Leo, Feb 6th feels so juicy. With Lilith trine freedom loving Jupiter & the healer Chiron in your expansive 9th house.

Permission to trust your gut instincts, be a little bit wild if that’s how you feel and claim whatever life-affirming passions turn you on.

And square Uranus to be a total genius kook, high functioning flake professionally. With the Destiny Point involved, you’re totally switched on to your higher sense of purpose:

Mercury/Pluto in your work sector and Venus in your 8th house of financial negotiations reward clever, potentially lucrative scenarios on the day job/main gig.

Mars direct in your networking sector is perfect synchronicity, to connect with like minded or at least exciting people to inspire your goals. And a natural knack, for persuading them to get involved in whatever you are cooking up right now.

Being out & about, sussing out your influence in the world & meeting fascinating people is quite the buzz, to figure out your tribe? And ok, if single lots of flirty opportunities on the scene, maybe with hot chemistry at warp speed?

And Saturn with the Sun in your relationship sector, opposite this Moon reveals where the most relevant people in your life stand:

Maybe dealing with control freaks trying to cramp your style? Ha ha good luck with that, Lilith has you entirely ungovernable!

Maybe realising the loved ones who have your back, with the most practical support. God you love them for it, and reciprocate of course.

Even if Saturn has you thrashing out the rules of engagement, this is how solid, mutually advantageous connections are cultivated. I mean mutually advantageous might be more relevant language for biz/money/social interactions.

In your personal/family/love life is more about the quality of enduring commitment. To build a sustainable life together, with the mutual respect to give one another permission to be your most authentic selves. Much more exciting than tiptoeing around one another, trying to avoid the difficult conversations that could actually bond you more closely. Know what I mean?

Especially the New Moon of Feb 20th, in your sexy emotional intimacy sector, conjunct Saturn in your partner sector, with caring Ceres in your communication sector. The simple gestures of sharing vulnerable feelings work a treat, for realistic passion that could actually work.

Image: Constance Jablonski by Greg Kadel, Vogue Italia


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