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Capricorn New Moon, exact 3pm Jan 13th AEDT -and it's Plutonian as fuq!!

Meaning the fresh emotional perspective that always comes with New Moons is driven by the fierce, disciplined Capricorn capacity for personal growth. And conjunct Pluto brings a primal, throbbing imperative to dig deep & plug into the potent life force that lies in the transformative process of facing our shadow, owning it, cleaning house emotionally & phoenix into sexy, incandescent new lust for life. In other words we're ready to take responsibility for our shizz, be better people & the courage to live large on our own terms-because we've earned it.

And whew, that sounds like a trip. But also wow, how appropriate for the first New Moon of what looks to be a radical 2021! This feels like a year to get real, decide who we are & the integrity to act accordingly, on a personal and collective level. The better to actually enjoy spunky, meaningful, intentional living as opposed to just existing/wandering around wondering what the fuq is going on right?

Ok then. Don't be surprised if this Moon stirs our desire nature, with a yearning to fulfil our appetites, ambitions & dreams in a way that is healthy & sustainable (for ourselves & everyone around us) -maybe time to embrace that!

Happy New Moon folks x


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