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Mars in a rare, extended tour of your 6th house from late August this year till March 2023 is a fierce determination to get your act together. Get ready to get busy, productive and fit as fuq, just how you like it!

The 6th house is about a sense of purpose in your daily life, and Mars ramps it up with fabulous confidence to thrive:

Your work ethic is strong, because you are focused on goals that matter to you in your day job. This is your natural proclivity of course, being the sign most turned on by a sense of hard-won accomplishment.

Also being organised & paying attention to detail, to finesse what you do-with clever Mercury in your biz sector trine Mars in your 6th early Sept.

And you are all about the right health regime to create maximum physical vitality. Mars is such a yang energy, your ideal workout regime is kick ass- if you were ever going to hit the boot camp/dawn yoga every day/pumping weights to tone up etc, this would be the time to be fully motivated! It’s not just being physically strong, it’s the mental discipline that keeps you beautifully focused on whatever intentions matter to you.

And Venus in your expansive sector of big, brazen goals just as clever Mercury in your biz sector trines Mars early Sept. So even with tricky Mercury retro from the 11th till early October, you get that finessing the details of your visionary, creative dreams is so worth it.

Especially the Full Moon of Sept 10th in your ideas/communication sector, square Mars. For permission to express your spooky, intuitive genius in a way that inspires & surprises the people who expect you to be the predictable, conservative type. And with Mars involved you are onto it with a pragmatic attitude, to make those brilliant plans happen, right?

Then the New Moon of Sept 26th, in your biz/career sector, opposite positive Jupiter in your domestic sector:

Primo time to finesse your professional intentions; so when Venus turns up from the 29th you are ready to shine with gorgeous talent for the coming month…

And perhaps more importantly, this Moon helps to get you excited about your personal life; to make the kind of choices to get the work life balance right, for the freedom to have fun and fulfilling, quality time with your tribe. I mean Mars in the 6th house is not just the effective workaholic regime you are fab at, but also your drive to live whatever energising lifestyle you desire, right?

Meanwhile love? The Mars/Venus square of Sept 16th is peak relational tension and force of attraction this month:

Ostensibly about your work & vision sectors- connecting with the right crew, who you no doubt already know, to help chase your dreams with savvy networking skills.

Also the midpoint of Mars/Venus here is your 8th house of passionate sex and deep emotional intimacy, opposite sexy Pluto in your sign. So it feels like you feel super courageous mid month, to connect so authentically with the people who really matter.

Yes this is hot mating season with your lover. I mean with Lilith in your partner sector, you are both intent on expressing your unique points of view to one another-mutual respect is everything. But lest this descend into tedious conflict, thank goodness caring Ceres is involved -for exquisite, sensitive vulnerability as you go. Such a powerful chance to do romantic chemistry like you mean it.

Also interpersonal dynamics with family/biz/financial relationships benefit from healthy mutual respect, the better to earn a healthy connection to move forward with…

Image: Françoise Hardy doing Jane Birkin


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