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So as one of the most pragmatic, success oriented signs -are you perturbed about Mars now officially retrograde, till January in your practical 6th house of work & healthy habits?

I mean to the extent Mars lingering in your 6th house for several months means drilling down on a sustained work ethic, you don’t mind that. Even if you have to deal with frustrating challenges, persevering & problem solving is your natural thing -it kind of brings out a gritty determination that turns you on, right?

It’s more the astro rule, that initiating any ego based ventures or competitive conflict is likely to fail during Mars retro, you find irritating. It kind of takes the thrill out of the hustle, cramping your usual style as the boss/leader/entrepreneur type. And brakes on actual, tangible momentum for the rest of the year…

So your best look is lowkey, quietly scheming & re-working professional strategies behind the scenes. And finesse the health/workout regime to get in shape whilst you’re at it. Do admit you dig this dark horse vibe; secretly becoming a lean, mean success machine. The better to be ready to power forward, when the time comes to bust out your best vocational moves next January…

And Mars trine your ruler Saturn, in your money sector by late November is handy. To get a sneaky sense of whatever income creation plans you are assiduously cultivating, and how good they’re looking long term. Excellent work!

Meanwhile the Full Moon of Nov 8th is a Total Lunar Eclipse, in your 5th house of talent, self expression & play; on Uranus/Destiny Point opposite Venus/Sun/Mercury in your social sector.

The discipline required, to get really good at what you do doesn’t feel like a chore. More spectacular inspiration, for the sheer buzz of working the creative process. And connecting/networking with like minded crew, who appreciate what you’re on about.

Which also feels like fun! A moment to forget about hard work & go have a good time with your tribe. Just because it feels good to be alive…

And if single/on the prowl for romance on the dating scene? This Moon has your flirty wiles so on point. As you’re out & about being charismatic & intelligent -chances are someone cute turns up, to enjoy a sweet attraction.

Or if already in love, best spend time out in the world together, doing fun stuff to turn on the playful chemistry between you.

Then the New Moon of Nov 24th is in your hidden soul sector, the dreamy 12th house; where you lurk behind the scenes being magical, connecting with your spiritual & creative muse. It’s kind of retreating from the world to be a hermit -but actually so intuitively open, in many ways you feel more connected to collective consciousness/cultural zeitgeist than ever.

Especially Venus/Mercury conjunct in your 12th, trine Destiny Point/Uranus conjunct in your playful talent & self expression sector. Your clever, creative mojo is exquisitely on point. So just when you are quietly finessing the creative process, because if feels so good to fill your cup doing stuff you love? Is exactly when you shine with a light from within-that attracts the world towards you, know what I mean?

The better to work with the Mars retro energy we discussed above; to low key magically manifest the next stage of your life. Ready to be unleashed upon the world when Mars moves forward next year… well done you.

Image: Alisa Ahmann by Txema Yesteblu


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