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So you know how you are the sign most associated with worldly, professional success –that we sometimes forget just how committed you are to family and building a secure, fulfilling home base? And lucky Jupiter, fresh in your domestic sector is a whole year ahead to bring positive intentions to your personal life!

Especially with Mars joining Jupiter this month, you are most energised by creating the best domestic scenario you can. Maybe having lots of fun with your tribe, to make your home & family dynamics as positive as possible. Or maybe you’re onto some fab property/real estate situation, to manifest a gorgeous Casa del Capricorn? Feels pretty promising…

Then we do have to talk about Mars conjunct the healer Chiron, just in time for the Full Moon of the 14th in your soul sector:

-This Moon is all about creating space in your life, to go within & look after your spiritual/inner wellbeing. You want time to meditate/connect with your creative muse/journal your dreams/read poetry…whatever helps to replenish your energy behind the scenes.

-So Mars on the healer Chiron is a chance to make your home a sanctuary, to chill out and fill your cup.

I mean if you happen to live alone right now, you might appreciate the peace & quiet to connect with yourself. Or an exquisite chance to find a nurturing connction with whoever you live with-family, partner, lover, even housemates. I mean yes any interpersonal tensions are way more likely to be triggered here, and tempting to get your bitch on. But honestly any healing vibe you can find with loved ones is so beautiful, to align with your own emotional intelligence & wellbeing-know what I mean?

Meanwhile Mercury direct early June, in your 5th house of play is cool, to focus on quality time with your crew. Especially Venus/Uranus on the Destiny Point mid month; you are cutting loose, doing stuff you enjoy just for fun -this may seem radical for such a purpose/goal oriented sign, but do admit it feels good to have a good time just for the sake of it?

Also Venus/Uranus here is classic astro, for electrifying romantic action. If you are all hot and bothered about some crush or wild love affair- I mean it could be batshit crazy, but at least a thrill to get excited about? And actually with the Destiny Point involved, could weirdly go somewhere promising? Or with Mars/Chiron for vulnerable, healing passion with your shacked up lover and caring Ceres & brave Lilith in your love sector -this could so be time for sexy intimacy with your partner, huh?

Also this is perfect for a flash of genius inspiration, about your most unique talent and the creative process to get even better at it. Allowing yourself to be a high functioning flake, showing off your weird & wonderful brilliance is a buzz. And square your ruler Saturn in your earning sector, could be quite profitable to monetise what you’re genuinely good at, right? This is your natural thing of course.


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