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So how is your ruler Saturn, direct on your 3rd house of mental clarity, clever ideas and communication from last month?

A chance to interrogate your belief systems, constructively? Maybe any fixed notions/prejudices you’ve been attached to (we all have them), fell apart in a good way with a liberating reality check-and fresh perspective that now feels more reliable?

Maybe confirmation bias in a good way, as in you realise any cherished notions of yours always resonated for a reason. You get a sign that your innate wisdom has been correct-to trust the integrity of your intellectual instincts. Or some combination of the above, for a healthy, balanced appraisal of your attitude right now?

Same goes for Cap communication skills.

Maybe the discipline to work out any disagreements/control freaky conversations, even if it means having to find some wriggle room-questioning your own point of view? Maybe you hold your own with beautiful equanimity-and respect from the people who get you, for beautifully constructive dialogue? Or again a combo of the above, to keep your communication/relationship skills honest.

So the point this month -is Neptune also in your 3rd house, direct from November 6th. Sextile Pluto power in your sign.

I mean as much as Saturn here is about your normal reputation, as a hardcore materialist, pragmatic creature?

Also Neptune in your 3rd for the last several years, has already opened your mind so much. You’ve become quite the wise, spiritually attuned sea goat of Cap mythology.

When you get mystical you go deep-for tangible, magical realist ways to bend reality, according to the high frequency, intentional quality of your thoughts. You are quite the magus, when you put your powerful, inspired mind to it!

And your communication skills benefit from emotional intelligence and subtle, non verbal cues. The better to be empathetic with one another, in a caring way. Also spookily persuasive, if trying to seduce anyone towards your point of view? Mainly, the conversations that turn you on are more intuitive, creative play of ideas that everyone can be open minded about-more so than rigid opinions you have to defend, know what I mean?

Then Neptune direct, just in time to square the New Moon of Dec 13th, in your spooky 12th house. With Mars & Ceres involved. The veil is thin for this Moon…

You feel so connected with your soul song, to replenish your inner life with a meaningful sense of purpose. And the spiritual discipline and communing with your creative muse…to align with this truth in full integrity.

Especially just in time for Mercury retro in Capricorn, from Dec 15th.

You might have to suspend certain presumptions about what is possible, in a rational sense. In order to cultivate your spooky sea-goat wisdom, to magically manifest strangely unexpected ways to shine your light in the world.

Then the Full Moon of Dec 27th in your love sector:

With Mars lurking in your spooky 12th house, not so much just physical attraction you’re on about. What you really find sexy is spiritually simpatico, soul mate passion-that requires a bit of emotional subtlety, to connect more deeply. I mean with Jupiter in your fun 5th house, yes playful, flirty romance is a thing! Just better if you are exploring some kind of meaningful connection.

Especially trine Saturn on your 3rd house. Intellectual compatibility, shared values and willing to address real, emotional commitment potential with your partner-is what this Moon is all about.

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