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So Mars now officially retrograde, till January is kind of slowing us all down, to figure out what we’re on about before charging forward… which is driving some impatient folks mad with frustration, but you’ve already got the hang of it:

Mars, the planet of external progress & momentum, is spending a rare, unusually long time hiding out on your mysterious 12th house, from August this year till next March. This is your soul sector of cosmic/spiritual inspo, connection to your creative muse, magic, poetry & revealing unconscious realms via dream journaling/meditation/art etc.

So you’ve come to terms with finding personal vitality, with the courage to look within. Not only are you not bothered about lack of immediate, external progress -you are relishing this chance to cultivate your inner bliss & shamanic personal power, like the highly creative, magical manifester you are. Uninterrupted by the need to ‘get ahead’, know what I mean?

Especially with the healer Chiron in your career sector right now. Not so much forcing success just for the sake of public validation, as nurturing a fulfilling sense of vocational satisfaction. For the wellbeing of being true to yourself, in terms of whatever you do in the world.

And Bitch Lilith in your sign is perfect, to embrace your most unique sensibilities and uncompromising attitude to being you. No matter what anyone thinks about it.

Extra specially trine visionary Jupiter/Uranus, in your expansive 9th house of thinking big. Being a dreamer on your own, beautiful terms feels so good… and maybe the freedom to chase your most meaningful goals?

Meanwhile the Full Moon of Nov 8th is a Total Lunar Eclipse, in your social sector:

This Moon opposes a brilliant Mercury/Sun/Venus conjunction, in your 5th house of creative talent & play. So the more you have fun, doing whatever turns you on, the more you effortlessly shine in the world. Whether it’s losing yourself in the creative process, with some arty or professional project. Or having a good time with your loved ones, or maybe a thrilling, flirty romance to enjoy? You are radiant, with the simple joy of feeling fully alive.

And only the most fabulous people get your genius:

With this Eclipse Moon in your social/networking sector, you naturally align with the crew you adore. Yes, it’s all about dear friends who have your back no matter what. And you so appreciate the unconditional support; to feel comfortable being your true self with your close tribe.

Also, with radical Uranus & Destiny Point, getting involved with social/cultural dynamics that positively challenge you. You are totally turned on by exciting people doing weird & wonderful things in the world; and if hanging out with them means growth, just outside your comfort zone, all the better…

Then Venus in your play/romance sector aligns with sexy Pluto in your partner sector & Mars in your soul sector around Nov 12th. A spooky moment of romantic synchronicity/mysterious chemistry with someone alluring. But is it a moment of wild passion, soulmate connection or transforming the quality of commitment with your partner? Or a strange mix of the above?

Then the New Moon of Nov 24th has Venus/Mercury in your work sector, trine Chiron in your career sector. To finesse all that creative talent you are quietly cultivating. And get a sense of how it can be leveraged on the day job; in a way that honours the healthy wellbeing/fulfilling lifestyle that’s so important to you right now.

Image: unable to find original credit for this cool picture.


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