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So how have you been going, with your ruler Mars in your 3rd house of ideas & communication since August?

That hot head of yours has been fired up with so many genius notions, schemes & dreams turning you on. Taking the time to reflect on a multi-faceted new perspective that is, let’s face it, more nuanced than your impulsive mental process normally allows for?

Same goes for the way you express yourself, with key conversations in your life. Reading the subtle nuance and enjoying the buzz of sharing fascinating ideas is so much more interesting, than butting heads, trying to figure out who is ‘right’ etc?

So with Mars completing this lengthy stay in your 3rd house by March 25th, now is the time to really finesse your most intelligent intentions & stimulating dialogues, you’ve been working on for the last several months.

The better to prepare for Mars charging into your home sector, from late March till late May. Firing up domestic dynamics/certain familial conversations, that might normally vibe bitchy or power trippy? Suddenly you are suave enough to negotiate positive, constructive outcomes with your tribe. Who would have thought, Aries the clever diplomat??

Meanwhile Jupiter conjunct Chiron in Aries all month, is lit up by Venus March 3rd. A lovely moment to feel beautiful, talented, charismatic, bursting with enthusiastic confidence & exquisitely vulnerable all at once. You don’t have to be perfect to shine like a diamond; just be you in all your gorgeously human, flawed glory!

Especially Jupiter/Chiron exact, with Venus syncing Mars by the 12th. You feel so natural about expressing your true self in the world, with a sweet sense that you will be understood -more so than having to hide any insecurities behind excessive bravado, know what I mean?

Cue the Full Moon of March 6th in your work/health sector, with Saturn joining Mercury/Sun/Neptune in your soul sector opposite the Moon:

-Saturn commencing 2.5 years in your soul sector/spooky 12th house. Like wading into the swamp of unresolved/unconscious issues & ineffable yearnings to connect with divine, mystical inspo -with a fluorescent torch of self awareness guiding you. You are increasingly drawn to some kind of disciplined spiritual practice, for maximum clarity within yourself.

-So to the extent this Moon is about work/lifestyle/health choices; you keep it conscious, and self aware about holistic professional & personal wellbeing.

Then the New Moon of March 22nd in the cardinal point, first degree of Aries. A powerful, almost incandescent clarity of intention rising up within you:

-conjunct Neptune from your 12th house, to illuminate your magical, creative instincts.

-conjunct Mercury, for clever strategies to manifest what you’re on about. Especially if you are impeccable with your word, as we mentioned earlier?

-opposite Ceres in your love sector. A gentle, nurturing vibe, with the people you care about the most. Love is important, and knowing who really has your back, that you can reciprocate feels so good!

-trine Lilith in your fun 5th house. The more you freely express your true self, even the ‘controversial’ aspects of your bolshie attitude, that not everyone gets? The more you have a good time with your sexy creative talent, and a playful good time, with the folks who do get you.

The better to shine like a beacon of truth, when Pluto charges into your social sector from March 23rd. An attitude that continues for the next 20 years! Aries as powerful provocateur, innovative change-agent in the world? Yes you love this -it’s your natural stance, of course.


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