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So positive Jupiter, in your soul sector on and off since June has lit up your inner light; the spark of conscious, spiritual awareness that helps you to understand yourself, and what’s going on in your world on a more expansive, meaningful level. So you are self-aware as fuq, and ready to honour your innate, instinctive intelligence with integrity right?

Yes, and the New Moon of March 3rd on Jupiter could be an exquisite light bulb moment, to tune into the most positive, resonant sense of what matters to you right now. Especially with the healer Chiron in your sign; triggering any sticky, vulnerable self doubt. This Moon awakens the beautiful capacity to love and accept yourself as you are; with a commitment to being your most authentic self and fuq what anyone else thinks, in order to thrive in the world. This is your natural groove, and it feels so good to get it on!

Meanwhile relationships, and healthy connection is also a big deal right now. Because the mating season vibe from February continues, with Venus/Mars in exact, gloriously romantic embrace early March. Especially exact on Pluto for a primal, sexy energy to heat things up big time! Everyone is feeling it, and for you it’s in your biz/success sector.

So you might be focusing on how important professional networking is right now; as you feel in your bones that making a good impression in the world & fabulous work relationships are so promising & worth schmoozing/ being co-operative about? Especially with moneybags Pluto, suggesting this could be super lucrative if you get it right.

And romantic love:

If you’re partnered you might be excited by some shared biz/life plan, and building your empire together. Or backing each other’s career efforts with unwavering mutual support, as you cheer one another on to next level success. It’s so much nicer to congratulate your lover for a productive day at work, then celebrate successful outcomes together -than bitching because they’ve been too busy/workaholic lately, know what I mean?

Or if single/on the prowl? I’m just saying you might want to shmick up the work wardrobe/look good/be charming on the job -because the chances of meeting someone gorgeous/sudden flirty moments at work or going about your business life. I mean a lot of us spend so much time at work, we often tend to meet like-minded, potential partners in our professional life -and you are statistically so much more likely to do so right now!

Then the Full Moon of the 18th is amazing. With the Moon in your work/day job sector in a grand trine with lucrative Pluto in your biz sector and the Destiny Point in your earning/money sector; to monetise your genius with great instincts about whatever gig is going to work for you best.

Image: David Benoliel


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