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So lucky, expansive Jupiter has been flirting with your sign lately. In Aries last June till Nov, then just when you were gung-ho taking the world by storm; backing into your soul sector to retreat and find your bliss within. Which was lovely and all, but kind of frustrating to have certain expansionist plans in the world temporarily thwarted?

Aargh, not to mention your ruler Mars retrograde from last Nov 1st till Jan 13th. I mean gah, as not exactly the most patient sign of all; do admit any delays and lessons to do with patience have been doing your head in? Um, well done you controlling your temper recently!

Because of course it’s been fantastically character building; and honestly resisting the temptation to force the issue, or initiate conflict under pressure is absolutely in your best interest with Mars retro. The mental discipline of equanimity, inner peace and peaceful conflict resolution is gold right now.

So the fab news is Jupiter charging forward, in the first degree of Aries January 1st. To begin 2023 with the most fabulous exuberance, to finally get the hellon with it! And a considerable list of positive New Years Resolutions, that you have the genuine confidence to achieve this year. Yes absolute permission to fly free, ready to shine and all.

Also get an intelligent, measured handle on this brilliant optimism, early Jan. Just a little bit of patience, to actually action your most pressing plans AFTER Mars direct Jan 13th, right? Ok great.

Meanwhile Venus conjunct Pluto Jan 1st, in your biz sector, clues you in; to any potentially lucrative ways to work your professional talent. Then Venus into your social sector from Jan 3rd, to network the hell out of any promising opportunities, with as much charm as you can muster.

Then the Full Moon of Jan 7th, in your home sector opposite Sun/Mercury in your biz sector:

You are so on point, schmoozing potentially genius vocational dialogues-and with Mars retro this does require focus, to work the politics around you with advantageous diplomacy.

And you realise the importance of taking your personal life/domestic harmony into account. Family dynamics/co-habs/close personal relationships are more intensely emotional for this Moon, and you want to make time for that. Especially caring Ceres in your love/relationship sector, any potential drama rising up can be beautifully ameliorated, by taking the time to be there for one another, know what I mean?

A great Moon to get the work/life balance right!

Also Bitch Lilith opposite Pluto in your biz sector; to deal with any power trips going on around you, with that independent Aries attitude.

The imperative here is to stay true to your own moral compass, amongst everyone else’s demands. And to the extent your moral compass is fuq-off rebellious, whilst Mars says you still can’t start a fight with certain idiots? Frustrating much? Low-key doing your own thing under the radar, with a dark horse, radical attitude works. And as a wise man said - to live outside the law you must be honest, right?

Then Mars direct, in your communication sector from Jan 18th, just as Lilith hits your 5th house of confident, creative self-expression. Finally you get to fully reveal what’s on your mind, and shine like the crazy, unique diamond you are! Yes the world is ready for your blazing truth; professionally & socially, they’re ready to hear what you have to say.

Maybe even a lover, or new crush who is so into your sexy authenticity, for the kind of romantic fireworks you adore?

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