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Well you’ve gotta love sexy Mars in your sexy 8Th house from November 1st -what a perfect way to begin the month in sexy Scorpio season! Mars, your natural ruler is super powerful in Scorpio, to rev up your natural lust for life nicely:

Yes this is obviously hot for your libido, seduction prowess and attracting the full attention of someone just as passionate as yourself-especially if you’re into men. And beyond just smoking bedwork (ooh la la), even more importantly embracing a deeper dimension of courageous emotional intimacy.

Especially chatty Mercury approaching Mars, for the New Moon of Nov 5th in your 8th house AND the Destiny Point/caring Ceres/brave Lilith in your communication sector; for honest pillow talk, to share the true feelings that bring lovers together.

Extra-specially opposite the healer Chiron in your sign, it’s not so much the power games that Mars & Mercury in the 8th can bring, if tempted to be self-protective/control freaky cos scared of being hurt etc. More so empowered vulnerability, with intelligent romantic dialogue really is your best look right now, to finesse healthy relationships.

And this is also brilliant to approach any biz/financial or complex family negotiations with your famous, up front confidence; also with an eye to subtle nuance for win-win scenarios that avoid Mars type conflicts -know what I mean?

Speaking of biz, we have to talk about Venus in your career sector from Nov 6th till early March next year-4 whole months of showing off your brilliant natural talent, charm, professional charisma & shameless self promotion- for maximum success potential! Oh my goodness, in terms of shining your light bright in the world -if not now, when??

I mean especially with Venus on board for the New Moon of the 5th in your lucrative 8th house, then the Full Moon of Nov 19th in your income sector with Mars & Venus activating sparky Uranus also in your income sector. This month could be so good for getting your head around game changing, inspiring, savvy schemes to make good coin doing stuff that you authentically care about & enjoy.

And with Jupiter & Saturn moving forward in your social sector, after frustrating retrograde mid year; you have figured out the crew that inspire you & you are having fun with more than ever, and the scenarios that bring up stupid status anxiety/judgment for your personal choices that are best avoided. The better to be discerning about who you spend your precious time with, obviously.

Wow it feels good to be alive right, at the top of your game right?

Image: Ophelia Overdose on deviant art


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