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Here comes the Aqua New Moon, exact 5.05am Feb 12th AEDT, and with an extravaganza planetary line up in Aquarius right now it's a cracker!

New Moons are all about a fresh emotional perspective, and in Aqua we get brilliant flashes of insight & sharp emotional honesty that cuts through any muddy, confusing moods. This is obviously so positive, in terms of trusting our instincts & relating from a place of crystal clear authenticity. But also as our feelings & relationships reach flashpoint we want to watch the other Aqua tendency- to disconnect when the feelings rising up get too intense & do complex mental analysis as avoidance therapy, know what I mean? Because this is such a genius moment to keep it real instead:

We have Saturn in Aqua for the discipline to take responsibility for our own shadow/dodgy emo insecurities that were revealed by Venus/Saturn around Feb 6th-how tricky was that?? Then Venus on lucky Jupiter, exact for this Moon is such a blast of fresh hope, romantic confidence & generosity of spirit to get over our crap, believe in one another anew & love like we mean it! Honestly this is such an excellent time for acute self awareness, the better to accept who we are and give our loved ones the same space to be who they are for genuine, unconditional mutual support. Yes and maybe the shiny romantic bliss that comes with such radical, honest relating with our lover.

Which is lucky, because Mercury retro here can trigger any bonkers misunderstandings at warp speed if we're not careful! It's strange that just as our feelings become so clear, we are tempted to do weird & convoluted conversations to express ourselves... lets try to be brave, to keep it simple & emotionally congruent huh?

And beyond our personal lives the same goes for our social lives/collective dynamic. There seems to be a dividing line down the middle of humanity right now -between fear vs hope, compression vs expansion, authoritarian control vs love... geez its intense to find our centre as we navigate these wildly fluctuating times. Because Aqua is the sign of liberated personal autonomy & genius solutions to live together in harmony, but also the temptation to split into opposing identity politics & waste time sniping & judging one another to the detriment of all. Lets grab the higher Aquarius frequency of humanitarian, caring & sharing respect for one another whilst we can huh? It's never too late to make a better world for everyone!

Happy Aqua New Moon folks x


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