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So April is here, Aries season is on and it's time to be passionate about life!

We have a rare, divine Jupiter/Neptune conjunction, to be supremely confident about following our wildest dreams. Living with a sense of meaningful purpose, to turn us on feels so good right now.

We have the Venus/Mars conjunction, mating magic of the last few months reaching climax on Saturn, to manifest our romantic dreams & the relationship skills we've been learning, with a tangible sense of real commitment.

We have the Aries New Moon of April 1st, with clever Mercury & the healer Chiron; for the self assurance to express our most cherished ideas, in a way that makes us feel good about who we are in the world.

We have the Libra Full Moon mid month trine Saturn & square Pluto, to make sure our love life is based on authentic connection, and free of any tedious expectations that cramp our style.

Because we are so ready to shine our brightest light in the world, in these crazy times -with full, gutsy integrity! Happy April folks, let's live like we mean it...

And lots more detail for your sign, with the April horoscopes here x


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