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Full Moon in Pisces coming at us, exact 3.21pm Sept 2nd AEST. And to the extent Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing recently, Pisces emo is pretty overwhelming & oceanic-especially with cosmic, mystic Neptune & electrifying Uranus involved!

I mean we aint ducking the feels right now, we're diving right in and exploring our full capacity to embrace our wildest, true nature. There's no point faking it with this Moon, so might as well shine with our full, incandescent self expression...

Including in our personal scenarios we are fully alive to whatever is going on, the better to explore the interpersonal vibe with exquisite, subtle sensitivity with our loved ones huh?

Also with the state of the world & all, gosh there are some weird & wonderful reactions coming up collectively. And we're more likely than ever to be soaking it all up like psychic sponges (hopefully with maximum compassion for one another) -thank you Neptune, and fired up to get amongst it & share the awakening/sparky growth etc with our tribe -(thank you Uranus).

Because of course we need to maintain healthy boundaries & self care, to avoid being drowned in other people's shizz/random collective drama -the better to maintain emotional & spiritual hygiene; so when we do choose to open up & connect we do it with maximum conscious integrity.

Happy Full Moon folks, lets bliss out & make it wonderful x

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