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So how good is Venus direct in your cash/income sector right now! As in Venus retro since mid May has been a bit frustrating/stalled your earning potential, even if just the general economic fuqery of lockdown etc going on around us has been cramping your style. So Venus direct this month feels so right to get those brilliant financial instincts of yours back on, and get on with thriving beautifully for the rest of the year. Yes, you are nicely on track to finance the life you want to live on your own terms…

But then again with change-lord Uranus in your sign, pulling Venus into the existential questions about your purpose that is Mars/Chiron in your soul sector –the real issue is just how fluxy & unpredictable your personal goals are right now! It feels like your life plan is still a work in progress & that’s a good thing. I mean for the sign most famous for obstinately sticking to your comfort zone, you are in such fast-paced evolution with the courage to try new things/a fresh, liberating attitude to life that could teach the rest of us a thing or two about personal growth –right?

Especially the Lunar Eclipse of the 5th triggering the brilliant, transformative confidence of Jupiter/Pluto in your adventure sector. You are so onto expansive new ideas about how to go forth & live large in the world, that you actually welcome Saturn backing, retrograde into the fray & saying yeah, but how are you going to reality check this, bitch?? You love the challenge of making your dreams a reality with that creativity and pragmatic discipline you do so well.

Meanwhile Venus & Mars are being pulled together, with dynamic romantic chemistry by sparky Uranus in your sign, which feels like exciting thrills & spills for the Taurus love life. I mean it’s not exactly cosy compatibility or solid commitment goals, that some people seem to think you prefer. More that your sexy charisma is kind of restless & unpredictable; and more interested in exploring new, liberating ways to relate to your lover the better to evolve together or suddenly go for weird, flash attractions on the dating scene. Which could surprise certain people to be honest, but presumably you are fully into the challenge of shaking up relational expectations in your life huh?

Speaking of which, Mercury direct July 12th reveals a new perspective on any

scrambled misunderstandings that have been bugging your relationships lately. Yes but you might want to watch the ‘storm phase’ of Mercury changing directions mid month; and maybe wait for the New Moon of the 21st when Mercury is more cruisy to speak openly from the heart, for best results?

And by the time Venus meets the Destiny Point in early August, it could all make that much more sense; in terms of clarifying the love, earning & creative goals that you are playing with this month -so that’s something to look forward to…

Image: via love warrior

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