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The Full Moon of the 9th fires up your professional synapses, which is a pretty cool way to start the month with great instincts about your next manoeuvre to advance the Scorpio career. Because you’re fully ambitious but also aware of finessing the work/life balance so that you get to work towards rewarding job satisfaction AND a fulfilling personal life, as opposed to flogging yourself with the daily grind just for the sake of it –know what I mean?

Especially with Venus/Lilith/Chiron in your work sector & Mars in your earning sector early Feb. You are taking no crap from anyone nor indulging your own self-defeating daily habits – the better to focus your precious energy on your brilliant talent/creative expression on the job & healthy/wealthy & wise lifestyle choices. Especially with the Destiny Point in your visionary adventure sector, you’re quite the pro at chasing some meaningful dreams this month.

It’s a great time to fill your cup by doing something you care about for a living & living well whilst you do it. Also Jupiter heading towards Pluto/Saturn in your ideas sector disciplines your mind to think only positively constructive/lucrative thoughts-the better to manifest accordingly. As someone who loathes wasting your time on trivial nonsense, you adore this chance to get your intentions clean & mean & thrive on your own terms-yes!

Then the New Moon of the 24th is wonderfully playful –with Mercury retro you’re not taking yourself too seriously but rather happy to have some fun with your talented creative expression/quality time with loved ones or romantic fun sans heavy expectation. It’s nice to drop the brooding Scorpio intensity for a moment, frolic a bit & just enjoy the moment for whatever inspo it brings…

Specifically love- Uranus has your relationship dynamics vibing crazy sparky fluxy, which lets face it can trigger your drama/control freaky impulses when you feel the slightest bit vulnerable right? So how good is Mars in your comms sector trine Uranus; for teasing out any flirty repartee or ‘Us Talks’ with the provocative frisson that turns you on, but also cheeky & playful with plenty of emotional oxygen for open-minded outcomes -keep it light for best results?

Image: Hannah Lemholt

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