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So your happy New Year/New Decade begins with the most divine, playful permission to have fun with creative expression in the world-lucky you!

Meanwhile the Pluto/Saturn conjunction is digging up most people’s deep dark shizz right now-poor things facing their shadows. And Neptune in your relationship sector is how to manage porous boundaries with other people’s issues- full, sensitive compassion without taking on non-you stuff is your challenge right now.

Because the thing is that you seem to be the sign spared the worst of this crazy astro. Your most pressing imperative is to dig deep & come to terms with your most powerful talent/creative exuberance, stop making excuses based on defunct self-doubt etc, and embrace the goddamn process/creative discipline to finesse the skills involved so you can go forth & unapologetically show off in the world already! I mean yes you’ve got to pull yourself together to own your personal brilliance, but this is meant to be life affirming, energising & fun!

And I tell you what a hell of a lot easier than some of the crap certain other people are dealing with, just to put it in perspective… Especially around the Full Moon of mid month to reveal your best emotional connection with your tribe- why not be the shining light in the world to inspire yourself & everyone else to thrive, not such a bad gig huh?

And in terms of more personal relationships? The dreamy, soulmatey Venus/Neptune action in your love sector around the 27th is perfect for exquisite romantic communion with someone special/or if single magical synchronicity to maybe meet someone promising… Especially if you can avoid the Neptunian undertow of delusional fantasy/unrealistic expectation in the heady rush of soul connection/crushing on someone thrilling etc –the same rules apply re the healthy boundaries we discussed earlier, know what I mean? Love like you mean it & believe in your romantic dreams, but also keep it real, sane & emotionally intelligent is where you find the sweet spot here.

Meanwhile the New Moon of Jan 25th is perfect for aligning with clever professional strategies on the day job –and the healthy, wealthy & wise attitude to daily lifestyle choices that you are so famous for, to keep you on point with your best, successful intentions in the world.


I am ready to shine in the world, with zero guilt about shamelessly enjoying my life & full personal potential –because the sheer wattage of my brilliance inspires not only me but also everyone around me to step up & live like we mean it!

Image: Natalia Vodianova shot by Paolo Roversi for Vogue Italia

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