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Aquarius Full Moon, exact 10.29pm thurs 15th AEST and it's deliciously Venusian!

I mean to the extent Full Moons are a rising up of our emotional responses & instinctive impulses for the month; in Aquarius we get the benefit of a sufficiently detached perspective to analyse, process & understand our moods more consciously, rather then just blindly blundering forward in full reactive, emo mode. Which is handy.

But of course we also have to check that Aqua tendency to fully disassociate/freeze out our feelings in favour of cold logic, just because some feelings are a bit uncomfortable or inconvenient hmm... We still need to actually get into our emotional body & deal with the experience huh?

Which is why Venus directly on this Moon is such a brilliant tuning in to our most gorgeous, positive, creative instincts and the sheer pleasure of being alive & relishing each moment, We're more likely to choose love over fear & embrace divine, optimistic ,abundance consciousness no matter what -so good. And especially our most loving, demonstrably affectionate connection wth our loved ones (Venus is in Leo after all) -this could just be the Moon where love heals & conquers all and we realise how much we all matter to one another -which is such a precious thing in all our relationships, obviously.

And yes, with Venus also heading into a hook up with her lover Mars by the 24th, we are looking at mating season here! Any romance blossoming under these stars, or existing love affairs re-affirming themselves are so beautifully, passionately auspicious folks -let's open our hearts as much as possible huh?

Happy Full Moon x

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