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Gosh it’s such a great time to broaden the Pisces career plan right now. Lucky Jupiter in your biz sector all year is the perfect, open-ended confidence to expand your professional horizons with the easy confidence of doing something you genuinely love for a living…

Especially with Mars into your self-expression sector from the 16th, you’re so fabulously fired up to get out there and shake that brilliant talent of yours in the world. So a bit of shameless self-promotion goes a long way in the second half of the month, to cultivate whatever vocational plan turns you on right now.

And do persevere with this, because Mars is steadily heading towards the Destiny Point by mid June; which will be the most bang on, inspiring clarity about your true vocational calling –and how to make it happen in real life! Yes this is so worth keeping your intentions clear and working toward, of course.

And to that end the New Moon of the 5th brings all kinds of sparkling communication type networking opportunities with the crew that get you and having fun shining in the world; which is just the thing to keep you moving toward optimum career outcomes, just so you know...

Especially with Venus/Uranus sparking up your genius, maverick ideas about, well, everything and some fab dialogues going on to stimulate your thought process? I mean it would be s shame not to be out and about right now, sharing that sparkling wit of yours don’t you think?

Speaking of which, when it comes to any romantic action it’s all about flirty repartee from the 19th, to suss each other out with the kind of playful, sexy mental chemistry that makes loving fun!

Image: source- Vogue France

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