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Aries New Moon coming at us now -exact 6.50pm AEST, for a blast of fabulous, fresh life force to turn us on.

We've got all the usual thrills of raw, fierce Aries vitality, physical energy to burn and glorious confidence in our personal direction right now. To the extent New Moons require the clear emotional perspective to seize new opportunities with conscious initiative; the brazenly positive, impatient, future oriented energy of Aries loves this!

And the aspect to practical Saturn provides the perfect counterpoint. Saturn supports our forward momentum with the requisite pragmatic intelligence to finesse the details, and check our genuine commitment to whatever we are chasing up right now; the better to get it right. We are creating our own opportunities and manifesting our reality on our own, perfect terms with this Moon, so why not keep the vision crystal clear and nail it huh?

Happy Aries New Moon folks, it's a good old fashioned chance to thrive with simple determination... let's embrace it. x

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