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Pisces New Moon, exact 2.03am March 7th AEDT to keep our dreams alive & life enchanted...

To the extent New Moons are always a rush of fresh emotional perspective; in Pisces we're especially in touch with our raw, instinctive feeling nature and with Pisces ruler Neptune all over this Moon the rush is almost overwhelming in it's oceanic intensity. I tell you what, it's not a question of feeling our feelings right now-they've got our number- but whether or not we can admit it/hold the space in emotional authenticity/handle the tidal emo moving through us?

Because Neptune is a tricky. Yes Neptune can align us so beautifully with our divine, truly inspired emotional and spiritual clarity, the better to align with flow in our lives and tread a soul path that truly serves us. This could be such a magically synchronistic Moon, to open doors at the perfect time and move forward with blissful ease. So beautiful!

And of course that's a damn sight better than the dodgy Neptunian temptation -if we're not handling our feelings right now, of trying to numb them with dumb substance abuse/delusional escapism etc. Yeah no, avoiding the inevitable fact of how we feel & expressing our needs authentically right now is not only futile, but potentially digging a pretty self destructive hole to drown our sorrows in -know what I mean? With strongly Neptunian Moons it always really, really pays to keep it high end and highly inspired...

Especially with the Saturn/Mars trine on this Moon; a combination of such incredible pragmatic, savvy, spunky determination to succeed in our material lives. This is astro par excellence for the most powerful magical manifestation, to call in whatever we need to thrive right now -if we keep our desires & intentions crystal clear!!!

Happy Pisces New Moon, let's all be mystical little cosmic creators of our own destiny right now xxx

Image: the wonderful Christian Shloe

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