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So the New Moon of the 7th is so Neptunian, which stimulates your spooky, mystical antennae beautifully. This is glorious permission to play with your wildest creative/visionary inspiration; just for the life-affirming fun of flexing your creative potential in the world, and perhaps a chance to magically manifest whatever turns you on right now, through the sheer power of focused Scorpio intention?

Because the thing about Neptune is that if you keep it high end, clear and attuned to some kind of spiritual integrity it can be so divine, and align you with the perfect opportunities to express & enjoy your true self in the world. Amazing! And the better to avoid succumbing to the low Neptunian temptations (especially with Mercury retro here) of delusional thinking, slippery/lazy avoidance of our true potential in the world and indulging our most skanky addictions -day drinking anyone, lol? So yeah, early March is a great time to keep it positive right?

Then we have to talk about Uranus bursting into your partnership sector from the 7th, for several years ahead of shaking up the Scorpio love paradigm! Because I tell you what, to the extent you adore the whole broodingly sexual, obsessive, intensely possessive/control freaky (admit it) version of passionate romance; Uranus could be so liberating. Uranus creates the emotional oxygen to envision a more spacious, expansive momentum to allow your relationships to grow and evolve. Yes ok, this could be break up/make up/meeting crazy new contenders season, if it’s time to literally change up partners? Or it could be accelerated growth with your current partner to keep it interesting and newly excited about the next chapter together?

And either way you have Mars firing up seriously hot, sexy chemistry in your love & intimacy sectors for the next few months, which you fuqing love! Yes, the upside of all this frisson in your love life is a way higher chance of being swept up in some powerful, passionate chemistry with someone just as wildly ardent as yourself; I mean it’s gonna be thrilling in a slightly challenging way, and may or may not be realistic…but bound to turn you on and pick up the momentum one way or the other.

Then the Full Moon of the 21st brings any key work/lifestyle decisions to the fore -which you nail with an instinctive eye to healthy, lucrative outcomes, obviously.

Image; Mark Arbeit

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