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Could you be more thrilled to have your ruler, lucky Jupiter, lighting up your sign for the whole year ahead? Your most awesome, expansive, innate optimism & positive attitude is lit up like a light bulb right now, and you’re shining with full, exuberant brilliance. Omg you’re SO ready for this, aint nothing gonna stand in the way of you fully thriving in your life –oh yeah!

But ok, this also exacerbates any tendency to reckless/hare-brained schemes, which you might want to watch (especially with Mercury retro in Sag till the 14th) . I mean you still have Saturn in your security sector, so to the extent all those big, visionary life plans of yours suddenly seem so possible (yes they are!); your challenge is to actually manifest them with as much savvy, grounded realism as possible, right?

Especially by the Sag New Moon of the 7th in sync with lucrative Pluto in your earning sector; you are tapping into such a fierce, game-changing attitude about your full financial potential in the world. And you totally get that it’s not just money for it’s own sake, it’s the freedom associated with financial autonomy that turns you on. And-crucially, recognising your own personal power to choose to do the work/transform yourself in order to embrace a more prosperous, authentic life plan. So yes Jupiter provides truly fab opportunities in the coming year –but it’s not so much handed to you on a plate as something to bring your full game to, and strive toward with your best, courageous self belief. Any hard work around this only makes the rewards sweeter when they do come, of course.

And this New Moon also triggers tricky Mars/Neptune in your home sector. You are so driven to score the perfect, inspiring sanctuary to support your personal growth; so it suddenly feels imperative to set clear intentions, clarify your boundaries and slay any dodgy emo dynamics around family/personal relationships/domestic issues & real estate plans to this end. The perfect Sag home life is possible-but you’re gonna have to get real clear real fast about what this means to you this month!

And love? Gah, Venus lurking in your soul sector for months on end has felt like an interminable lesson in ‘spiritual’ love, sans attachment/immediate gratification. Maybe you’ve been in seclusion mode, and your bliss has been more about the inner journey/self-acceptance thing than any actual romance going on? Or maybe you’ve been navigating the subtleties of some exquisitely inspiring, but damnably elusive soulmate connection? Aargh how frustrating -and maybe the Full Moon of Dec 23rd will reveal the deeper, possibly very passionate dimensions of any love affair currently brewing? And in any case you can totally look forward to Venus in Sag all January to restore your full, charismatic, spunky allure –to rev up your love life for sure!

Image: unable to find original source for this picture -best guess Rokky Barnes modelos?

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