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...So how was that Scorpio New Moon we're just coming out of huh?

It's been primo time to take a sudden, accurate inventory of all the emotional intensity we've been facing, dealing with and purging lately -what with Jupiter revealing our full desire nature in Scorpio for the last year and that fuqing clanger of a Venus retro in Scorpio recently... OMG slaying our demons much???

I'm calling this a Phoenix Moon, cos we've had no choice but to be burnt to smithereens by our passions and transform fast -into a new, more authentic and vibrant version of ourselves. Especially with Jupiter into Sag right on this Moon-it's been go hard- living large with full positive moxy -or go home. Stepping up to our full, courageous potential -ready or not, hasn't felt quite so imperative for a very long time! Phew... how are we all doing with that?

And I'm also gonna call this one the Werewolf Moon... because it feels like our deepest, most primal desires/emotions/needs have risen up with such force here. And any opportunity to let our hair down/howl at the moon/cut loose has felt SO goddamn good!

Maybe we've purged some stuck old emotions by expressing them more clearly-what a relief? Or maybe we've been doing the work of shedding some old snakeskin of our old life -to come out all shiny & new, ready to grow freer of some illusions and open to the great unknown?

Yep it's been powerful release point of whatever no longer serves us, and re-connection wth our deepest, most abiding passions. Well done, folks. Happy Scorpio New Moon x

Image: I could not have found a more perfect picture to illustrate this post -from the wonderful Christian Shloe.

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